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The Official Site of the Cherokee Nation


Welcome to my Cherokee Language & Culture website!

The information presented in my website is accurate according to what the Cherokee Nation teaches in its various education curriculums. The information I offer regarding Cherokee culture is compiled from many resources given to me by the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center & Heritage Center.

I have dedicated this site to all who wish to learn about Cherokee language & culture. I as well as others have devoted our lives to keeping the Cherokee language & culture alive. In the future I plan to receive my "Cherokee Language Teachers Certification."

It has been a dream of mine for years to teach the language that my ancestors have spoken for so many years. Throughout the years I have noticed that there is a major difference between formal & conversational Cherokee. Because of this difference I have wrote my book,"Conversational Cherokee Language Reference."

I hope that the Cherokee Language & Culture information on my site will help you. I speak the "Western" or "Overhill" dialect of the Cherokee language. This dialect is very common throughout the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. If the information listed on my site does not help with what information you are looking for you can submit a question to me and I would be happy to answer your question. I am also a firm believer in passing on Cherokee culture. If you need any information concerning Cherokee culture I would be happy to help as well.

I plan to add much more information concerning Cherokee language & culture to my website so please do keep in touch!

All of the Cherokee writing on my website is done with the (Official Cherokee Font). This font is a recreated font by the Cherokee Nation to maintain traditional aspects of the Cherokee Syllabary. You will need to download this font onto your computer in order to read the information on my website. You can do so through my link provided above. This site also uses the "papyrus" font. To properly read the information in the font I use you will need the "papyrus" font on your computer. If you have any questions or would like to submit a request for information dealing with Cherokee Language or Culture please feel free to email me.