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About Me


My name is Joshua Webster and I am 1/4 degree of Cherokee blood. I am registered with the "Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma." My Cherokee name is, Wa-no-da (\Zc.) I have already published a Cherokee reference booklet entitled, "Introduction to Conversational Cherokee." I am currently working on a Cherokee curriculum which will provide words and phrases used throughout daily life by Cherokee people. This course will also provide cassette tapes that provide listening information so that you can hear the pronunciation of the words and phrases and then repeat them correctly. The booklet will show the "formal" Cherokee in English phonetics and then the native speaker recorded on the cassette tapes will give the pronunciation of the words and phrases in "conversational" Cherokee. I will be attending, Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where I will be getting my degree in education. After I receive my degree I plan to earn my "Cherokee Language Teachers Certification." I have wanted nothing more that to be a Cherokee language teacher. I beleive that with the efforts of Cherokee people we can bring our language and culture back ten times as great and keep in our souls forever more!




a/ Ewf



(Cherokees Never Quit)