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Some Cute Little Prayers...


Be present at our table, Lord,
Be here and everywhere adored.
These morsels bless, and grant that we
May feast in Paradise with Thee



Father high in heaven,
All by you are fed;
Hear Your children thank You
For our daily bread.

You send sun and showers,
Birds sing overhead,
While the corn is growing
For our daily bread.



O Lord, who made these loaves and fishes,
Look down upon these two poor dishes;
And, though they be so very small,
Make them enough, we pray, for all.



For rosy apples, juicy plums,
And honey from the bees,
We thank you, heavenly Father God,
For such good gifts as these.



Dear Father, hear and bless
Thy beasts and singing birds:
And guard with tenderness
Small things that have not words.



But I, when I undress me,
Each night upon my knees,
Will pray the Lord to bless me
With apple pie and cheese.




Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray thee, Lord, thy child to keep:
Thy love guard me through the night
And wake me with the morning light.