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My friends and me went to The Stage Door with Pally and TW, and we had a lot of fun. It took a while before the actors came out, but it was worth waiting for.
I didn't boughta brochure or a program, since it hasn't changed since the last time I saw StEx. My friends wanted the castmembers to sign their programs. I did this last time, so I decided to only try to get Lez to sign my ticket. And he did! I also got to take a couple of pictures with him and me together. First we took one with only the two of us on, then Chris popped up, and wanted to be on the picture too. Click to see a bigger picture, where veryone of us looks silly! *lol*

Here's another picture, just of Lez and me. He looks so good!

Here's a picture of my friend Ida and Rob Grose. Wonder why they smile so much....
I like his hat, it's cool.
Click to see a bigger picture.

Elise, me and Dustin Dubreuil, next years Greaseball. He holding my pen, a Greaseball! He's good looking! Click to see a bigger picture.