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It all started with ”The rap”, one of my favourite songs. I just love the cool rythms in that song, and my favourite quote is "E.L.E.C. Elec-Electricity. Electricity is not for free. So don't mess with me. So don't mess with me."

Chellie Michaels who palyed Dinah that night was not as good as Dinah as Leyla was last time. As Pally said, she used too much breath during U.N.C.O.U.P.LE.D. But I loved the look she had on her face when she sang B.A.S.T.A.R.D. That was cool, well done Chellie.

Rolling Stock Reprise with Ashley and Buffy are actually very cool. I couldn't remember this was so cool, but it was. Amanda and Amy's voices fitted well together, both very strong. Sounded really good. Can't wait t see Amy as first cast Buffy. She'll be doing great! I loved when she had to race with Rusty and sang "Crazy! Stucked with the slow one it's crazy!"

Both The Rockies and their song "Right Place, Right Time" are really cool, and they did great even if one of the Rockies were played by an understudy that night, who was just a little after the other ones.

"I am the Starlight" was great, I got goosebumps. Trevor is Tom Jones! Specially when you just hear him. *lol*

Since we had standings, we got very close to the actors during the races. I can't belive how fast they actually move, specialy when the marshalls passes you. It's like 'vosj', and their gone. When the actors drive past you, the look really huge. This is because of the costumes, the wigs etc, 'cause when you meet them at the Stage Door, a lot of them are actually small, not taller than me, and I'm not tall at all.

And finnaly: "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many". You wont belive how great Lez and Chris' voices are. This song makes me laugh every time I see it. They are so funny!

"Next Time You fall In Love" - beautiful. Marissa is perfect. Nothing more to say!

"Light at the End of The Tunnel" and "Starlight Megamix" wre great. "Light......." isn't one of my favourite songs, but I love The Mix; all the songs at one time. Oh, and Lez and Chellie during "Ok, Dinah. I'm S.O.R.R.R.Y". Sooooo sweet!

Thanks to Pally at The Stage Door for the picture of Chellie as Dinah.