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I went to see Starlight Express for the 2nd time Tuesday 20th February 2001.
I was in London with two of my best friends, Ida and Elise. We had a real musical-raid, seeing Les Misérables on Monday, StEx on Tuesday and Cats on Wednesday. (My birthday!) We had decided to get standings, since all the tickets costed us a lot of money. We bought the tickets, and went to the standing room. There I met Pally and TW. They showed me a lotta cool pictures, and we talked about stuff.
Then the show started, and it was just as great as the last time. This time I remembered to bring my glasses, and I saw a lot better.

”The Overture” and ”Entry of the National Trains” were both great.
I was trilled about ”Rolling Stock”, since Lez was playing Greaseball. He is so cool, a great actor, skater, dancer and singer.

Adrian makes a great Rusty, and ”Call Me Rusty” is a sweet song.

This time I got to see Amanda Valentine as Ashley, and she was great. The way she was constanly doing something with her sigarett was cool. I love the dark smokingvoice the actresses use for Ashley. It really makes her a smoking car. It was also a pleasure to see Marissa Dunlop as Pearl. I saw Danni last time, and I can’t decide wich one of them I like best. They are both purfect. Chellie Michaels was understudying Dinah this night, buth I didn’t like her. Last time she was Buffy, without actually doing anything. She wasn’t anything special as Dinah either. Amy Field was , becasue of Chellie’s undersudying of Dinah, playing Buffy. She is great, and she made a really cool Buffy. Buffy have never been of my favourites, but Amy made her really interesting. Saw her as Ashley last time, and she was great in both the roles. Amy is a really good actress.

”Freight” was also really, really cool. All the trucks are funny to watch, spcially Flat-Top. Ross Dawes plays him really good. Dustin was just as sweet as always, and The Rockies are so cool, really acrobatic.

Then we had Electra and his components on. All the lights and what they do with their voices really makes you understand the Electra is and electric train, even if you don’t know him at all. Chris makes a great Electra, even if he is really sweet and small in real life. This shows how good of an actor he is. And wow! How cool is Joule! I love the way Emma portraits her. Constanly touching her butt and fixing her hair. *lol* She is really dynamite. Kate makes a wonderful Wrench. Gabriella is a cool Volta. I don't think she looks anything in the souvernir brochere, but onstage, she sparkles, really. Purse and Krupp were also great. Purse is scarying! He lauged really loud one time he skated past us, and he looks, I don't know; scary!!

It was time for ”Pumping Iron”, and I was really waiting for Lez to be on again. During ”AC/DC” he came from the warderobe, and was standing in front of us, waiting for his entrance. I was out of character, testing his skates and stretching. Funny! Wow, he is tall! And good looking. I love him!

”Pumping Iron” is my favourite song, and the choreography is in my opinion the best in the whole show. All the girls were great and Lez was faboules.

”Coda of Freight” was funny, and Adrian was a real sweetie during ”Crazy”.

Marissa did a great job during ”Make Up My Heart”. She is good on her skates, and her voice is so strong and beautiful. She seems very sure about what she is doing. And that’s important.

Poppa and the Trucks were really good in ”The Blues”. Trevor’s voice is perfect for that song. My freinds and I talked about him, and foiund out that he sounds a lot like Tom Jones. *lol*

Adrian’s great voice was just as great as always in ”Starlight Express”.