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After the whole show was over, I went to find Pally, ThingyWot and Boushgirl. I found them, and we walked to the Stage Door. We stood there waiting for a while, eating Bootlaces

Then the actrors started to pop out from the theatre.

I got a lot of autographs in my program, from Dale Branston (Dustin), Chris Copeland (Electra),Ross Dawes (Flat-Top), Amy Field( Ashley), Trevor Michael Georges (Poppa), Adrian Hansel (Rusty), Mark Hedges (Turnov), Martin Matthias (Purse), Leyla Pellegrini( Dinah), Richard Ray-Allen (Krupp), Michael Skyers (Rocky 1) and Algernon Williams (Rocky 3).

Unfortunally Darryl wasn't there, so I didn't get to meet him. But since I met all the other great ones, I wasn't too sad.

Lez Dwight was really a nice person, and since I enjoyed him so much, it was really a moment when he asked about my name and wrote "To Lone" in my program.

Some actors talked more than others. Trevor asked me if I were from Sweden. (Of course I'm not from Sweden!) Pally had probably told about me coming to see the show, since he asked. He also asked how I had met Pally and the others.

I also got to meet Danni. She was really a sweetie, so thiny and small and beautiful. She also signed my book, and she asked about me name. I had to spell, and she said it was a beautiful name, but she wouldn't even try to pronance it.

I wished the night would never end, since it was so great, but at least I had to say goodbye to the girls and take the tube back to the hotel.
I really wanna og to London again soon.