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I have always liked "The Rap", and seeing it onstage was not a bad thing. It is one of my favourite songs from the show. I love the rythm, the text and now, I love the choreography too.

Leyla Pellegrini as Dinah was also really good. "U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D" is such a cute song, and Leyla's voice were perfect for the song.

"Rolling Stock" is a 'strong' song, but it should have been a Belle there too. It's like something is missing without her, specially in that song.

The Rocky's were good during "Right Place, Right Time". They did so many great things on their skates, and I think the three of them, Rob Grose, Michael Skyers and Algernon Williams, were the company's best skaters.

"I Am the Starlight" were all great, and all the stars during "I Am the Starlight" was just beautiful. And again Dustin was a cutie when he came out to race with Rusty.

"The Final Race" were also really cool, just as all the other races, and I got a lot of high fives. Even one more from Lez!!

Another of my favourite songs "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many" were, I think, the funniest song during the whole show. I didn't know about the mixed up costumes, so I really got a good laught of that. Lez and Chris both has good great and strong voices, and is was great to listen to them.

Danni and Adrian was just perfect at "Next Time You Fall in Love". Perfect song, perfect couple.

Trevor's great voice were good for "Light at the End of the Tunnel" and it was a very well performe song. I even had Purse(Martin Matthias) and Krupp(Richard Ray-Allen) dancing right in front of me!

I didn't wanted the show to end, of course, so it was a bit sad when "Starlight Megamix" started. All the song putted together was a real pleasure and I sang on with all the songs.

There wasn't many falls during te perfmance. My sister saw that one in Greaseball's Gang felt once, and after "Pumping Iron" Buffy suddenly dissapeard. I don't know why, maybe she felt or hurt herself or something. She was only gone for a little while.

So, it really was a great night, and it would became even greater!