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I saw Starlight Express for the first time at The Apollo Victoria Theatre in London, Wednesday October 3rd 2000. I was with my little sister Thea.
I was really exited about this, since it was my first time seeing the show. I was also very exited since I was meeting Pally, ThingyWot and Boushgirl there, and Pally had promised to take be to the stagedoor to meet the actors. Would Darryl be there?
We entered the theatre, and I was looking for the girls. I couldn't see them, so I went to the shop and bought a mug, a souvernir brochure and a program. After that I took a look at the list where all the actors are named, and I saw that Amy Field was playing Ashley that night, not Amanda Valentine. And to my greta pleasure, Danni Kearsley-Wooller was Pearl! I had always wanted to see Danni, since I have heard that she was really good, so this was cool! Then it was time to enter the theatre.

I was trilled about the stage. It was huge, cool and amazing.
We were seated at the balcony, in the first row. First I thought I wouldn't see much, since I had forgot my glasses at home, (stupid, stupid, stupid me!) but that was not a problem.

The show started, and it was just as great as I had been told. The National Trains were funny, and specially The Prince of Wales, as he entered the wrong way, too late.

Greaseball's entered in "Roling Stock", and Lez Dwight became my favourite! He was so good at acting, skating, dancing and singing.

Then Adrian Hansel as Rusty entered, with "Call Me Rusty". He was really cute, with a great voice.

Then we had the passengers cars on with "A Lotta Locomotion". Amy was a really tall and great Ashley, and she had the coolest 'smoking'-voice. Danni was the cutest Pearl, and so was Leyla as Dinah. They were both great singers. Buffy, Chellie Michaels, was good too, buth she has never been one of my favourites, so I didn't pay much attention to her.

"Freight" was funny, and all the trucks were great performers.

All the dancing was really great, but I specially enjoyed the "Pumpin Iron"-choreography. That was a coolish one. This is one of my favourite song, and with Lez in it, I wasn't dissapointed.

Dustin was also a really cutie. I was just constantly doing funny and sweet things, like when he was sitting during one song (I don't remember wich one) and doing exactly the same things with his feet as the girls did. Dale Branston who played him really did a good job.

Then we had the amazing Electra/Chris Copeland onstage, with his cool song "AC/DC". The stageshow, the sound and the componets was really cool, and I enjoyed the song. Electra is hot, Electra is cool. Cool, hot, a megastar, a megavolt. Rich, hot, powerfull, rich hot cool…….

"Coda of Freight" and "Crazy" were great performed and "Make Up My Heart" was perfect with Danni. They say that Marissa is perfect, but so is Danni.

During "Race One", Greaseball gave me a high five as he was skating where I sat. That was cool, specially since Greaseball is one of my favourites, and I really, really, really liked Lez Dwight. I also got hight fives from Electra and Nintendo.

Poppa entered, and Trevor Michael Georges was a really good singer. "Poppa's Blues" is a great, and so is Trevor's voice.

"Race Two" was even cooler than "Race One". All the crashing and arguing on the upperfloor was just perfect for me, as I got to look at a lot of cool things. Joule (Emma Dodd) and her engine crashed not far away from my left side, and when they were hanging over to the floor, I laughed a lot. Joule really had a hard time getting up, and her engine (I can't remember wich one) had to help her. That was really funny. I think Joule is the coolest component, with Wrench as a stong number two.
Then Wrench (Kate Alexander) felt over between my sister and a man, and when she got up again, she gave my sister and me this really angry, but way cool look. It was amazing to see a train that close, I really got a chance to see the well-detailed make-up and costume.

Then she started to argue with Ashley right in front of us. They yelled at each other, and it was so funny. I got a good closeup on Ashley as well. Nice costume she has!

The we had "Laughing Stock" and "Starlight Express" which both were great. Adrian's voice is really good, I think.

In the interval I went to find Pally and the others, and when I finally met them, I got to see a lot of cool photos. Then they took me to the stairs the actors use to get onstage. We saw Electra, Joule and a lot of others.
We decided to meet at the Box Office after the show, so they could take me to the Stage Door.