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del Sol?

A monthly newsletter for and by Honda del Sol owners.

Hello all-  This is a monthly newsletter designed for owners and written by owners of the Honda del Sol.  I plan to get input, from you, to present an online magazine with product information, feature articles from del Sol owners of there car, and information about the different chapters of ClubSol.

First off, let me introduce myself.  My name is Jeff Herron and I am 22 years old and I live in Lawrence, KS.  Being this far inland presents a problem for me to produce a very exciting and visual magazine.  So with the help of the readers and a few contributing editors, I would like to create an online mag that is interesting to all.  With articles of general information on up to technical information to cater to all of our readers.

The explosive import performance market has created a boom of interest in the import performance market.  We have found that the Sol has been very left out.  I hope that we can bring forth the recognition that these cars deserve.  That is the reason for the title of this magazine.  Usually when you tell people you drive a Honda del Sol, they are like, "What's a del Sol?"

If you would like to contribute to this magazine please notify me via e-mail at




Please excuse the mess as this magazine is in development.  Remember, your opinions and input are needed to make this magazine work!