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Megumi's Palace

Greeting Hall

Chichiri-san has sensed


Megumi's  Back Yard

Go there and look around already!

AIM Handle: MegumiHimesama
When you first IM me, indicate that you are a visitor to the palace.  Please understand that I will warn or block you if you do not.

Konnichiwa, minna-san!*  Buenos dias, todos!  Hello, everyone!  Don't worry, I'm stopping now.  ^_^  Welcome to my palace!

Hehe, I'm really slacking on these updates.  But there isn't really anything to add.  I mean.... umm... I've been too... busy... to work on the site, so... okay, I've been lazy.  So what else is new?  Anyway, my announcement: Due to space limitations (and my unwillingness to pay for more space), I will be halting all page construction and demolishing some of the more useless rooms until I actually have something worth displaying.  So.... I guess... bye bye, Trigun Room! No more broken links to broken screencaps!  Bye bye, Bishonen Hall! ;_;  We'll miss your bishie-ness.  Well, I will anyway.  Besides, what was I doing showing off my bishies when you could be catching your own?  Oh yeah.. umm.. from what I heard, is down... so.... I guess that's why.  Well, I don't see any of you making a 'Petition to Keep Pocket Bishonen on Megumi's Beautiful Site', so... DOWN IT GOES!!  *plays Taps on kazoo*  Besides, someday I might draw some more chibi-bishies and put them up as chibi of the month... not that I really expect any of you to actually check back each month for updates. *glares*
So.... I'm going to share some links that I check when I'm bored and need a little stupid fun.  XP  :)
Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theater
Homestar Runner - no really, I just go there for the Strong Bad E-mail.. it's in Toons - Features
Eskimo Bob - He is... cool (warning: don't leave the sound up too loud or your ears wil be ringing at the first belch)

Look, it's me!  Actually, it's a drawing of my reflection, but it's close enough.
20 days to 16..... *runs away screaming*  No, actually, GO OUT THERE AND BUY ME PRESENTS, LOTS OF PRESENTS!!!  MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Just kidding.  ^_^;;

Go to the Art Gallery and look at the cute little Trowa-chan NOW!

Today I have two new pages to share with you!  Behold my Music Hall!  From now on all of my musical recordings will be posted there, so drop in and enjoy the sound of my voice... or avoid it at all costs to preserve your precious ears... ^_~  There are four new recordings in the Music Hall today.
My newest special feature is a teaser of the next song I'm going to record.
The other page is not as important.. just old updates and stuff.  I'll be moving every ten updates to The Closet from now on.  That's the place to go if you're really interested in the palace's history.  ^_^

Special Features:
Vision of Escaflowne - Hikari no naka e - Japanese vocals, no accompaniment
(volume at the price of quality... don't worry, the finished product will sound much better)

Specials to expect (soon, hopefully):
Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai - Sobakasu - Japanese vocals, MIDI accompaniment
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Thesis of the Cruel Angel - English vocals (yes, it will be my own sorry adaptation), possible MIDI accompaniment

Construction has been halted for:
Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X room
Gundam Wing room
The Legend of Zelda stateroom

Doorways to other sections of the palace:

Cowboy Bebop room
The Vision of Escaflowne room
Art Gallery
Music Hall
The Closet

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*Konnichiwa, minna-san! = Hello, all!

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