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Halloween Raceday *Results*

This raceday was origninally held Oct. 31st but the date CHANGED to Oct.22nd. Points are here. Email char for $$
Race 1-- Maiden
In a relatively small turnout, the favorite is My Juliet who is an experianced racer and should take advantage of that in todays race on a muddy track. And they're in the gate...And they're off! SF Ciy Skyline breaks half a beat late and the race is quickly a match one. Lyra is moving steadily on the inside, with My Juliet struggling to get a lead. With a furlong to go, Lyra switches leads and makes a final effort to get a nose in front. But no ! My Juliet the winner!
1st_My Juliet / ****$1,750****
2nd_SF City Skyline / ****$750****
3rd_Lyra / ****$500****
Race 2-- Maiden
Seven nice looking colts line up for this two year old maiden. The favorite is Gust O'Wind's Raise A Miner. The horses are in, with Raz Ma Taz giving some resistance but finely settled. And off they go...Backstreet straight to the front and Chasin Wimmin pulls even with him outside. Third is Raz Ma Taz and following are After The Dark, SF City Limit, Archangel, and Raise A Miner trailing. At the top of the stretch! Raise A Miner making his move, going 4 wide! But After The Dark is sprinting up too, pushing through by the rail! It's going to be a tight one...can the two front running colts keep up this blistering pace? Wait! After the Dark has been bumped by Backstreet...Chasin Wimmin under the wire first, followed by Raise A Miner, After The Dark, and Backstreet. Raz Ma Taz is hobbling, there's a chance he was injured in the bumping by these young green colts.
1st_Chasin Wimmin / ****$3,500****
2nd_Raise A Miner / ****$1,500****
3rd_After The Dark / ****$1,000****
4th_Backstreet / ****$750****
6th_SF City Limit
7th_Raz Ma Taz
Race 3-- Maiden
This maiden for older horses is getting ready to start. The 5 horse, Blood Hound Horse, balks going into the gate, giving the first four horses time to think about things. Finally, they're all ready. Race is on! Secratartiat's Challenge goes straight to the front and doesn't look back. A tight battle for third and second follows with National II and Accented Gold.
1st_Secratariat's Challenge / ****$7,000****
2nd_National II / ****$4,000****
3rd_Accented Gold / ****$2,000****
4th_Moon / ****$1,000****
5th_Blood Hound Horse
6th_Lunar's Last Revenge
7th_Too Charming
Race 4-- Allowance
Four fillies in our first 2 year old allowence of the day. And they're off. Prancer wins by 5 lengths after running off the pace and closing the last furlong. Lady Torch next, with Turthful and SSF Good Omen close for 4th.
1st_Prancer / ****$3,000****
2nd_Lady Torch / ****$2,000****
3rd_Truthful / ****$1,000****
4th_SSF Good Omen/ ****$500****
Race 5-- Allowance
Seven colts at the post parade. And they're off. Unlimited gets a bad break. Ice gets a good start and leads the field around the first turn. In the stretch the colts stretch out, and it's BF Ferdinand under the wire first. A rising star!
1st_BF Ferdinand / ****$5,000****
2nd_Ensemble VI / ****$3,000****
3rd_Revolution / ****$1,500****
4th_Ice / ****$1,000****
5th_Way 2 Dream
7th_GOW Captain Steve
Race 6-- Allowance
Our older horses allowance is off! Practical Magic and Fleet Dream bump coming out of the gate. Explosive goes 2 wide and moves into second. But Never There takes the lead and never lets it go!
1st_Never There / ****$4,000****
2nd_Explosive! / ****$2,000****
3rd_Fleet Dream / ****$1,000****
4th_Practical Magic / ****$500****
Race 7--Jack O' Lantern Stakes(gr.I)
Due to the upcoming Breeder's Cup, many colts by-passed this race. Included are Bloodbath, Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, and BF Tough Love. But the horses in this tiny field have more talent in their hoof then most horses do at all....they're loading...and They're off! Triple Sec bounds out in front, SOS Darth Bane settling behind on the rail. RHR finds his stride and stays a length back. Tightly packed as they round the turn...and into the stretc! Triple Sec still holding his lead. They're at the wire...RHR Deseoso steals second by a nose!
1st_RHR Deseoso Diablo / ****$6,000****
2nd_SOS Darth Bane / ****$4,000****
3rd_Triple Sec / ****$2,000****
Race 8--Witchcraft Stakes(gr.I)
A much larger turnout for our fillies 2 year old stakes loads into the gate. Blair Witch does some kicking but is finally lured in. Super Girl also offers some resistance...these fillies are hyped. They're in...they're OFF! French Tipsy and RHR Mysterious Kiss match each other in front. Serina and Just One More Secret follow behind, and the pack of four draws away from Super Girl and RHR National Mayhem by five lengths! Blair Witch trailing by another 3! Down the stretch...2 furlongs to go! Here comes Blair Witch! This closer filly is coming 4 wide on the outside! Just One More Secret drops back, RHR Mysterious Kiss also fading...and under the wire, Blair Witch rallies just in time to beat RHR National Mayhem.
1st_Blair Witch / ****$13,000****
2nd_RHR National Mayhem / ****$9,000****
3rd_Serina / ****$5,000****
4th_SuperGirl / ****$2,000****
5th_Frenchy Tipsy
6th_RHR Mysterious Kiss
7th_Just One More Secret
Race 9--Dead Alive Stakes (gr.II)
Loaded. Off. Coffee Break takes early lead and holds it until the stretch drive, where Miss Wonder's Pride makes a sudden daring move and steals the win by diving through on the inside. Talk of the Devil led off with a nose bleed...we might see this filly on bute in the future.
1st_Miss Wonder's Pride / ****$14,500****
2nd_CoffeeBreak / ****$9,500****
3rd_(ARS) Celebrating Glory / ****$5,000****
4th_EverWorld / ****$2,000****
5th_Court Reputation
6th_Talk of the Devil
Race 10--Trick Or Treat Stakes(gr.I)
The highlight of the racecard is here! Six top turfers line up, all looking fit and ready. Halloween was a late stratch. His trainer says the colt wouldn't handle the surface--the muddy track is now listed as sloppy. Master Zingeye, leading turf male, is now left to dominate the field. They're in and off. (ARS) Seattle Storm trips coming out ad bumps SSF Rhythem. Blendid and (ARS) Bold Risk both have clean breaks, but not as sharpy as Master Zingeye. He draws off by one, now two lengths! Bold Risk and Blendid struggle on the rail, now the slowest part of the track. Settled, the colts move around the last turn and into the stretch...Master Zingeye is *still* moving away! Bounding through the muck like it's nothing, this colt now has 9 lengths on the others! Blendid fades slightly leaving (ARS) Bold Risk to take second...
1st_Master Zingeye / ****$14,500****
2nd_(ARS) Bold Risk / ****$9,500****
3rd_Blendid / ****$5,000****
4th_SSF Rhythm / ****$2,000****
5th_Connie's Magic
6th_(ARS) Seattle Storm