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~Naming Contest~

....... Name This Horse!

Full Name: n/a
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 years
Color: Black
Height: 17. 1 hands
Sire: n/a
Dam: n/a
MR#: n/a
Personality: Bold, daring
Disipline: Steeplechasing or cross country



"Nameless" is huge black Thoroughbred stallion. He is a talented eventer and loves to jump, primarily cross country. Some good ideas to have in this horse's name are: "Phantom" "Dark" "Evil" "Master" "Midnight" and "Black". The horse's name might also begin with "The". Or, you could name him...cuter...Because he's a sweet heart. Make sure his name is powerful and easy to remember, catchy. Winner to name this horse gets $10,000. Keep in mind this big guy might steeplechase. Please be creative, I like my horses to have special names!

To enter, brainstorm as many good names for this mare that cross your mind. The more, the merrier....the more names you submit, the more possibilties you win! :-)

Your Name-

Your Email-

Name Ideas-


The winning name will be chosen soon, and the results will be posted in the Equus Forever newsletter. Runners up may also be awarded prizes.