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Dragon Lore Stud Farm & Dreamcrest Farm are not responsible for any accident, injury or theft of any person, animal or property.
Show will be run by HSA rules.
A current Coggins test must be presented at entry desk.
Proper attire is required and hard hats are mandatory for all riders riding English saddles.
Hard hats with a harness are required in all over fences classes.
All riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets.
Western riders that are under 18 must have a signed note or waiver saying that their parent doesn't mind if the child doesn't wear a helmet riding in western events.
Classes may be divided, combined, or cancelled at the discretion of the management.
No dogs on show grounds.
$10.00 per class.
2 horses per owner for one class
Classes limited to 15 horses
One Jumper Class Per Horse
Presents aren't a requirement. Though will be gladdly accepted. Aia will be showing. Its her birthday she'll enter if she wants too(except pic classes)

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