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Yuletide Raceday **Race 1-- Maiden
SSF Cherokee Outlaw
Camelot's Promise
SOS She's It Cheez It
My Tricky Alibi
Ima Silverbullet
RF's Shining Star
SOS Shifty-Eyed Sara
Moonlight Fantasia
Dream Catcher

**Race 2-- Maiden
Jypsie On A Whim
Count Me Out
Royal Slum City
RF's Angel Of Truth
RF's Mark Of Excellence
Camelot Prince

**Race 3-- Maiden
Winding Dream Path
Winding Signatures
RF's Charming Zeal And Luck
Simply Stellar
BF Secondhand SMoke
Keeping Secrets

**Race 4-- Allowance
Think Both Ways
SSF Fashion Captain
SOS Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
(ARS) SSF Street Cat
(ARS) SSF Deputy Rhymer
RF's Midnight Thunder
Jazzy Gypsy
SOS Elemental Evile
GOW Captain Steve
Raise A Miner
Night Wind
Danzig's Chance

**Race 5-- Allowance
Merely A Mortal
SSF Astor Place
Rumors and Gossip
(ARS) Glory's Sapphire
Connor's Luck
Really Charmed
Academy Award
Tell Me A Fable

**Race 6-- Jingle Bells Cup (gr.IIIT)
Fleet Dream
(ARS) Seattle Storm
(ARS) SSF Celebrated Scholar
Surely Handsome
Russian Roulette
Chill Factor
Winning Connection
Chikita Lovin'
Turk's Red
RHR Politically Correct
Excess Wine
Silver Replica
RHR Never Let You Go

**Race 7-- Candy Cane Stakes (gr.II)
SSF Thunder Serenade
SSF Kayla's A Gem
(ARS) Golden Hilfiger
(ARS) Valiant Lady
Fragile Moment
4th Tornado
Laser Quest
Dreaming of Destruction
Just One More Secret
RHR Given To Fly
RHR National Mayhem
If The Shoe Fits

**Race 8-- The Night Before Christmas Stakes(gr.IT)
Silver Charmed Life
Mr. Sandman
SOS Pegasaur
SOS Sailor Stars
SSF Likeable Irish
(ARS) All the Glory
(ARS) Hiddin Glory
SSF Crypto Star
Torch Of Thunder
Secret Love
Ensemble VI
Shades of Gray
Rousillon's Pride
GOW Surfside
Blood Soaked and Honor Bound

**Race 9-- Santa Sprint (gr.II)
SSF Glitterwoman
SSF Lucky Charms
Ch. (ARS) Peintre Celan
(ARS) Forever Slew
Little Bitta Luck
Afraid To Fly
Go, Baby, Go!

**Race 10-- The Dancing Christmas Tree Stakes (gr.I)
Hearts Star
TL Tuff Stuff
SSF Traitor
SSF Seattle Thunder
(ARS) Smoke Glacken
(ARS) Golden Temptation
Ashleigh's Wonder
Court Reputation
Silver Moon
Eclipse's Queen of Magic
RHR Honor Among Thieves
RHR Back To Good
Cat Thief
Hot Temper

**Race 11-- MATCH RACE <click (T)
(ARS) Worldy Manor
Master Zingeye

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