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Yuletide Raceday
O Holy Night... The Night Before Christmas Stakes (gr.1T)

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Welcome back! The weather here at Ruffian Memorial continues to threaten to turn for the worst. But meanwhile, our first two year olds stakes race...and one of the largest fields on the ready to head to post! The Night Before Christmas stakes is ready to set EF history...but first, let's have a look at the top three bettor's picks...

Silks Post Name Owner Odds
3 Shades Of Grey Jessica 1-7
12 BloodbathCharlotteEM
15 Rousillon's Pride Deanna 1-8

Well, some interesting odds. Bloodbath comes as no surprise-the son of acclaimed stallion Torch Bearer has made his mark on EF's two year old racing this season that will still be talked about in years to come. Coming off consecutive wins in a Breeder's Cup Prep and the grade one Breeder's Cup Juvenile, the bettors choose Bloodbath as an even money favorite! Shades of Grey coming off at the closest odds...lots of long shots in todays field! Shades of Grey managed a 4th in the BC Juvenile after a very troubled trip. Rousillon's Pride also getting some support, not a bad choice...perhaps he'll be the won to end Bloodbath's winning streak!

The horses are loading into the gate. You'll notice that the extra 6 space gate has been added on to the larger one to account for the field's size. The 12 horse, Bloodbath, is not cooperating despite the gate team's efforts to load him...::3 minutes later:: With Bloodbath finally loaded, the 13 horse SOS Sailor Stars goes in and is followed by the remaining horses. All are in...GOW Surfside not settled...and they're off!

SSF Likeable Irish breaks cleanly and takes the lead! Silver Charmed Life out a step behind him and (ARS) All the Glory up in third. Back 4 to SOS Pegasaur with Nurving on the outside. In 6th we see Mr.Sandman, followed by SOS Sailor Stars, Bloodbath, Torch Of Thunder, Secret Love, Ensemble VI, Rousillon's Pride, Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, Shades Of Grey, and rounding out the field GOW Surfside with a bad start.

The horses look mildly like a stampede out there, as they fight for positions coming around the first turn. Silver Charmed Life takes the lead with a furlong back to (ARS) All the Glory. Mr.Sandman starting me move up in 4th...into the stretch! Rousillon's Pride making a GAME effort now, coming 4 wide on the outside! Silver Charmed Life fading...Mr.Sandman is now taking two strides to match his every one! But here's Bloodbath! Chasing Mr.Sandman! The two colts draw off from the rest of the field, leading Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, whom has made a late charge! They're in the last furlong! Mr.Sandman giving everything he has to hold off a Breeder's Cup winner! Can he do it? He DOES! (ARS) All The Glory managing to hold off Blood Soaked and Honor Bound for third.

1st_Mr. Sandman
3rd_(ARS) All the Glory
4th_Blood Soaked And Honor Bound
5th_Shades of Gray
6th_SSF Likeable Irish
7th_Rousillon's Pride
8th_Ensemble VI
9th_Torch Of Thunder
10th_Silver Charmed Life
11th_SOS Pegasaur
12th_SOS Sailor Stars
14th_SSF Crypto Star
15th_Secret Love
16th_(ARS) Hiddin Glory
17th_GOW Surfside

Silks Place Name Earnings Points
Win Mr.Sandman $49,000 50
Place Bloodbath $29,000 30
Show (ARS) All the Glory $19,500 18
4th Blood Soaked $9,000 10

The little-known two year old Mr.Sandman has come into his element on the turf, upsetting the even money favorite and 2 year old of the year! An interesting fact: These two were once stable mates. After seeing a 17 horse may be asking, what can be more exciting? The sprinters....

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