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Yuletide Raceday
O Holy Night... Candy Cane Stakes(gr.II)

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On to the seventh race on the card. It's the girls' turn to show how it's done, in this all fillies Candy Cane Stakes. This field is arguably the most impressive of the day, drawing in about 7 Breeder's Cup competators, including the top three placers in the Juvenile Fillies! As the horses approach the gate to load, here are the favorites:

Silks Post Name Owner Odds
11 Serina Shawnee 1-6
9 Fragile MomentSerena2-5
1 Blair Witch Charlotte 2-7

The favorites are reflective of this years Breeder's Cup Juvi Fillies: the favorite is the winner, Blair Witch. Also much liked is Fragile Moment, who came in behind Blair Witch, and Serina, who got fifth. Surprisingly the third placer, RHR Given to Fly, has longer odds. Good price on RHR Given to Fly if your looking for one.

The 14 fillies load like pros, having gained experiance throughout the year. SSF Thunder Serenade and Laser Quest offer a little oposition going in, but now they're in the gate. The last horse, Dreaming of Destruction, loads...they're off!

(ARS) Golden Hilfiger breaks well and shoots to the front. Serina stumbles coming out of the gate and slightly veres inward...will she hit the rail? No, nice save by her Serina is stuck between horses as they round the first turn. (ARS) Golden Hilfiger setting a slow pace, 24.3 for the quarter! With little speed in this race, will the closers fail to fire?

Blair Witch, the favorite, seems to be right where she wants to be third on the outside. SSF Kayla's A Gem is asked for run but has nowhere to go. RHR Given to Fly is slowly creeping up, blocked now by Serina and Fragile Moment. (ARS) Golden Hilfiger is now faded to ninth. And into the stretch! Fragile Moment is firing! She dives through a hole on the inside and overtakes RHR Given to Fly! Blair Witch is roaring down the outside, but she's too late...SSF Kayla's A Gem also breaking free not in time. It's a breaktaking rally for home! It's Fragile Moment by a length! A neck...a head...she wins it! The four placers all within one length...what a close one!

1st_Fragile Moment
2nd_RHR Given To Fly
3rd_Blair Witch
4th_SSF Kayla's A Gem
5th_Dreaming of Destruction
7th_(ARS) Valiant Lady
8th_Laser Quest
9th_Just One More Secret
10th_(ARS) Golden Hilfiger
11th_4th Tornado
12th_SSF Thunder Serenade
13th_RHR National Mayhem
14th_If The Shoe Fits

Silks Place Name Earnings Points
Win Fragile Moment $34,000 30
Place RHR Given to Fly $18,000 18
Show Blair Witch $10,500 10
4th SSF Kayla's A Gem $4,000 6

A heartpounding race between the ladies! SSF Kayla's A Gem coming back to chase horses that beat her in the for more improvement. Blair Witch take third for the first time in her career...what a treat it will be watching these fillies as three year olds! Who knows, maybe one of them will be the next Triple Crown winner...

Please join us after these messages for our next race!

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