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Yuletide Raceday
O Holy Night... Jingle Bells Cup (gr.IIIT)

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As this fine set of Thoroughbreds lines up in the saddling paddock, the track is still fast, there are worries that it wont hold up in this condition as expected for the end of the day. Storm clouds seem to have sorounded the patch of blue that is our safey blanket here at Ruffian Memorial.

This is our first stakes race of the day, and a highly competative one. An open race for three year old and up fillies and colts, the Jingle Bells Cup. Almost all of EF's top breeders are represented in this race~who will come out on top? Lets see what the bettors are predicting...

Silks Post Name Owner Odds
14 RHR Politically CorrectCraven 1-4
8 BlendidShawneeEM
3 Silver Replica Heather 2-7

Our EVEN MONEY favorite is Blendid, the filly who did so well in the International Triple Crown! Looks like bettors think she outclasses her opponents. The rest of the field is very eveny matched, though Silver Replica gains pleanty of support at short odds of 2-7 and a RHR member also liked at 1-4. The horses are approaching the gate.

Chill Factor, the 5 horse, not only balks up is kicking with his hind legs. The gate crew gets to work on this colt...meanwhile giving 12 other horses time to cool their hooves. Chill Factor loaded, not settled...they're in...and THEYRE OFF!

Chill Factor breaks like his tails on fire! This colt dives to the front and immediately takes a two length lead! And he's drawing away! Kingpin next with (ARS) Seattle Storm to his outside. Following the field back is Fleet Dream, Blendid, (ARS) Seattle Storm, Surely Handsome,Silver Replica, Russian Roulette, RHR Never Let You Go, Windsor, Winning Connection, Tommorrow, Turk's Red, Silver Replica, RHR Politically Correct, Excess Wine, and Chikita Lovin', whom was the last horse in and the last horse out of the gate.

The half in an even 46 seconds. Chill Factor *still* looking to increase his lead, now at three lengths! Kingpin fading, but here comes Blendid! And at the back of the pack stirs RHR Politically Correct and Winning Connection! Around the last turn...into the stretch...and DOWN the stretch they come!

Traffic problems! Chill Factor an easy ride now four lengths ahead of the others, but (ARS) Seattle Storm bumps Surely Handsome! These colts falter, blocking out the rest of the field! Chill Factor now by *five* lengths! Is it too late to catch her? Blendid doesn't think so! This filly comes roaring around the colts, flicking her tail goodbye. Positions shift and its Silver Replica that comes out ahead! Another filly running for home! But she can't catch Blendid...and she couldn't catch Chill Factor! Chill Factor the winner by almost 6 lengths! An AMAZING wire to wire victory!

1st_Chill Factor
3rd_Silver Replica
4th_RHR Politically Correct
5th_Turk's Red
7th_Fleet Dream
8th_Winning Connection
10th_Russian Roulette
12th_(ARS) Seattle Storm
13th_(ARS) SSF Celebrated Scholar
14th_Surely Handsome
15thExcess Wine
16th_RHR Never Let You Go
17th_Chikita Lovin'

Silks Place Name Earnings Points
Win Chill Factor $34,000 30
Place Blendid $18,000 18
Show Silver Replica $10,500 10
4th RHR Politically Correct $4,000 6

A large upset over the day's first stakes race. The winning horse, Chill Factor, was immediately checked for drugs following the race. Rumors are flying around about this colts win-Results of the screening will be out withing 24 hours: we'll keep you posted! [NOTE: RESULTS LATER CAME BACK NEGATIVE] Blendid shows us some of that old spirit that we thought she left behind after the ITC. And good efforts by both Silver Replica and RHR Politically Correct! Now to our next race...

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