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Yuletide Raceday
O Holy Night... 4-way Turfstarters Match Race

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In the last day of racing, the last race in the program, wraps up the year in a most incredible way. All The hardwork and patients put into these four horses, drum up today. Their trainers all in supense, with sweaty palms, put the final touches on their horses. The final week before the matchrace, these horses were touched only minumuly to asure ease and perfection. A Champion in their trainers eyes, only one can come out a winner today.

It is almost time to go up to Paddock. Each trainer and groom converse about what they should present their horses in today. Which bit, or wrap, or gear could cause the difference between a win or place. Hours and Hours of training and preperation will comes down to only minutes on the track. Each trainer will go into this race with high hopes, but only one will comes out a winner, the rest will just comes out with the thought "What if?"

Coming up to the paddock first on the trackside is Sunnieveaa, presenting her entry of (ARS) Worldy Manner. Walking up next to her is Lily Rawkdove, giving her support and backing from Shakermaker Stud Farm. This duo has conquered many races this year, and plans to end on a good note. They make there way into the paddock, Sunnie and Lily go to the box while (ARS) Worldly Manner and his groom parade around the lovely flowered oval.

Second comming up to the paddock is Borgia with trainer Aia Antillies. All of Aia's crew is dressed in her COTD Silk's jackets. All very uniform and dressed to command respect. Borgia turns her head to her groom and jogs/side steps up to the paddock. As They enter the paddock Aia removes the black and red cooler off of Borgia, and the static cling gives her a small shock and skoots her forward a bit.

Third is Halloween comming right up after Borgia. This strapping colt is the young one in this field. Only in his second year of racing, this colt has made a mark in the 2000 earning over $80,000. Halloween comes up with his grooms, and absent his trainer, because she is preparing to ride her incredible mount, and post herself as Owner, Trainer, and Jockey.

Last but not likely least is Master Zigeye. The Second in this field carrying the Great Mr. Prospector lineage. This regally bred colt comes from the Gust O' Wind Farm. Master Zigeye just like most of these horses love a sloppy track, and yielding turf. Will he hold up on today turf course? Only time will tell.

As The better observe these horses, make their final selections and head to the windows, the horses are saddled, and lead around for the final couple turns. The trainers have all conversed wished luck, and returned to their horses.

The Call is given: "Jock's Up!" First out of the saddleing paddock and going to the awaiting pony is (ARS) Worldly Manner, next Borgia, then Halloween, and finally Master Zigeye..

After a gallop past the cheering crowd the crew turns and heads for the gate. All of the starting stalls are checked and closed, as the horses approach the starting gate..

The final odds are up on the board..

Silks Post Name Owner Odds
4 Master Zingeye Deanna 2-1
2 BorgiaAiaEM
3 HalloweenCharlotte4-1
1 (ARS) Worldly Mannor Sunni 2-1

They're all in line...

They're off!!

Breaking first and going to the front is Borgia, with a neck lead over Master Zigeye. Moving off from the others Borgia tries to take command over the whole race. Will she be able to pull a Box to Wire in The final Race of the Season?!?!?!

at The 1/4th mile pole..:23.1The leader is Borgia, with masterzigeye moving onto the rail, making room for (ARS) Worldy Manner on the outside and Halloween going 3 wide.. Will He be Able to make up the Ground!?!?!?!

Along the backstretch, Borgia's Jockey is trying to rate this filly, but she fights and presses on. 1/2 mile in 45.9 Halloween has moved up to second, as Master Zigeye tries not to get left behind. (ARS) Worldly Manner's jockey folding up to make sure he corners well This race is 1/2 over and the action is just starting. They come around the far turn, and our leader is pushing to hold on.

The Final Turn, WHOA.. Borgia Blows Way Wide giving the lead to (ARS) Worldly Manner to went right to the rail.. Halloween comes right up behind him. Borgia tries to make up the ground.. 3/4 of a mile in 1:10.3..

DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME~!!!!(ARS) Worldly Manner trying to open up!!! Borgia making up the ground,, but tiring quickly.. Master Zigeye Moving Swiftly.. Halloween Trying to Hold on... The Wire is comming quickly.. Only Yards To Go.. (ARS) Worldly Manner Pushing,, and Pushing... Trying to edge out Master Zigeye,, Halloween holding on... Borgia has flattened out..

Only strides to go.. Can (ARS) Worldly Manner Hang on??? Master he going to prove today,, or only be second best??? Will Borgia prove playing with the Boys is as easy as she thinks??? Is it too late for Halloween??

Questions were answered after the wire..

Silks Place Name Earnings Points
Win (ARS) Worldly Mannor$50,000 24
Place Master Zingeye$30,000 21
Show Halloween$20,000 18
4th Borgia$10,00015

(ARS) Worldly Manner: speed in hand, took over when asked, drew clear, kept to drive Master Zigeye:speed outside, argued pace, stayed on well to earn place Halloween:hustled, 3 wide move turn, tired stretch Borgia:hustled to front, contested pace, weakened stretch

Well, what a race...what a year! This wraps up the 2000 racing season. The races and horses of this year will stay in our hearts it victory or defeat faced, the Thoroughbred will prevail.

Join us in 2001 for more racing still: and best of luck to all of you in the EAC awards! Signing off,


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