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Preakness Prep Raceday POINTS

BF Pass The Torch/363/30
BF Scatter The Gold/373/24
BF Bull Market/369/10
BF Troublemaker/370/18

Southern Array/1213/6

Mr. Sandman/183/50

Sunyside Up/1357/3

Coffee Break/19/30

SSF Kayla's A Gem/446/10
SSF Near The Ridge/441/50
SSF Traitor/433/18
SSF Cash ON Command/449/40

Too Good To Geld/1027/10
Walkin' Tall/1031/10

Lady Torch/320/30

Come On Over/903/1
(ARS) Dragula/904/15
(ARS) Valiant Lady/224/6
(ARS) Winning Pride/236/14
(ARS) Seattle Storm/232/10
(ARS) Sheza Devil's Secret/223/50