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This year's field is full of talent. The most talked about horse this year, the 6 horse, Bloodbath, was favorite during the morning line and continues to draw in mass support as we draw closer to the start. This colt thrived as a two year old, topping off last year with a Breeder's Cup win. His sire, Torch Bearer, did not do well in his Triple Crown, however. It will be interesting to see how his most famed offspring fairs.
A major adversary of Bloodbath has been Mr.Sandman, of Azul Stables. The interesting story here is that they were bred on the same stable- even went through early training together. Mr.Sandman was sold, and meanwhile his stablemate Bloodbath went on to early fame. Mr. Sandman has beat Bloodbath before, and many are making this race out to be a two-horse competition.
The other 14 horses in this field are no slouches. SSF Near the Ridge has been all over the preps, dominating them with a smooth path to the Derby. BF Tough Love has said to be training well, maybe his two year old talent will shine through once again today. His stable mate BF Bull Market is also a tremendously talented colt, sired by the one and only BF Holy Bull.
Mystic Visions stables also offers some competetors this year, as usual. These guys have been known to pull an upset, and any smart trainer will have half an eye on the ARS horses today.
As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, this is a deep field-and a hard to predict one. While Bloodbath's fans claim him un-beatable, and Mr.Sandman's connections seem awfully confident, there are pleanty of horses ready to pull an upset today.

And I send you to Tyler Micormick for the call-

"The horses are approaching the gate. The eleven horse is offering some resistance...::pause:: and the blindfold goes on. Bloodbath, the favorite, is finally led in- three more to go- and all horses are loaded."

"And at the bell, they're off for the run for the roses! Too Good To Geld takes the early lead. A length back to Womanizer, and tightly trailing in third is (ARS) All the Glory. Too Good To Geld setting soft fractions here, folks- 12 for the first 1/8. Bloodbath is settled in fourth. SSF Near the Ridge and Mr.Sandman side by side, with Just One More Secret one back on the rail. 24 and a tick for the quarter."

"Womanizer is pressing Too Good To Geld! The colt is forced to pick up his pace. Bloodbath getting rank, wanting to keep up with the leaders but is being rated. Half length back to Mr.Sandman, then SSF Near the Ridge, Just One More Secret, Archangel, Bejeweled, (ARS) Dragula, Serina, (ARS) Dark Wonder, GOW Captain Steve, BF Bull Market, (ARS) Hidden Glory and BF Tough Love."

"And they come around the first turn. Too Good To Geld is tiring-swift fractions at 32.5 for 3/8. Womanizer contines to inch up. (ARS) All the Glory comfortable in third, hanging off the lead by a short length. Bloodbath finally given his neck a little, inches up behind (ARS) All the Glory. They're running smoothly. Fractions are hot-last quarter was ran in 21!"

"Bejeweled is working her way through traffic. Archangel is dropping back as Serina slips by him on the rail. (ARS) Dark Wonder is being eased! The colt's jockey trying to pull him up- he obviously doesn't want to stop. Doesn't look good for (ARS) Dark Wonder."

"At the top of the stretch, Too Good To Geld is giving in. Womanizer finally breaks his lead and drops the pace a bit, while (ARS) All the Glory is now in second. Bloodbath is closing! The colt clearly giving all he has to take the lead. (ARS) All the Glory drops back. Mr. Sandman is hot on Bloodbath's tail, but here's SSF Near the Ridge! He and BF Bull Market are *storming* down the outside! And down the stretch they COME!"

"BF Bull Market in an amazing stretch drive! He's un-stoppable! The colt has his heart in every stride! Bloodbath is exausted, it looks like he's in pain to be letting Bull Market draw close. SSF Near the Ridge on the outside trying to catch up, and Mr. Sandman pressing him. But no one is going to catch these colts today! Nose and nose, they fight each other every stride! And under the wire! Photo finish!"

"And it's *another* photo for third! SSF Near the Ridge and Mr. Sandman cross in another photo. A close fifth is Bejeweled. A memorable Derby, folks!"

The official order of finish-

1-BF Bull Market $112,000/75
2-Bloodbath $67,200/55
3-SSF Near the Ridge $34,100/35
4-Mr. Sandman $17,000/25
6-(ARS) All the Glory
10-Too Good To Geld
11-(ARS) Dragula
12-GOW Captain Steve
13-Just One More Secret
14-BF Tough Love
15-(ARS) Hiddin Glory
DNF-(ARS) Dark Wonder

Today's Oaks promises to be a good race. Two BF entrants, two ADA entrants, two MV entrants, and several other prime fillies ready to race. The favorite going in is BF Troublemaker- perhaps betters like her stable-mates preformance in the Derby, or perhaps they like the way she's been training and her past preformance as a two year old. Also well-liked is Blair Witch, who was un-beaten in three grade ones as a two year old.

Over to your anouncer Tyler Micormick for the Oaks' call:

"And the horses are loaded- at the bell, they're off! SSF Kayla's A Gem takes the immediate lead, followed by Flight of the Bumblebee and Night's Enternal Flame. One back to the favorite, BF Troublemaker."

"Around the first turn, SSF Kayla's A Gem leads with sizzling fractions. The fast track is only adding to today's speedsters. Night's Enternal Flame struggling to keep up, while Flight of the Bumblebee, Bloodbath's twin sister, is rated. She already looks tired."

"French Tipsy making her move, sliding up on the rail. Southern Array directly behind her as they hit the top of the stretch."

"The closers come from the back of the pack as Lady Torch and Blair Witch fight their way through to take 4th and 5th. With a furlong to go, the fractions are blinding! SSF Kayla's A Gem long out of it, Flight of the Bumblebee also faded. Southern Array and French Tipsy battle it out, but Lady Torch wants it! Look at her fly! Just like BF Bull Market, she steals the race and last minute by a fraction of a nose."

The final results:

1-Lady Torch $91,000/75
2-French Tipsy $45,500/55
3-Southern Array $22,500/35
4-Blair Witch $11,000/25
5-(ARS) Sheza Devil's Secret
6-Sparks Will Fly
7-Night's Eternal Flame
8-SSF Kayla's A Gem
9-Flight of the Bumblebee
10-BF Troublemaker
11-Drama Girl
12-(ARS) SSF Street Cat
13-BF Don't Pass Me By

Congratulations to all horses and their connections. See you at the Preakness!