The Belmont winner drawing away.

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So, it's back at Belmont Park for the Belmont Stakes. These horses have come a long way since the last Belmont prep race- a very trying and hardening journey, that of the Triple Crown. There will be no Triple Crown winner this year, the Preakness determined that- yet each TC race is special and famed for it's glory and richness. This is by far the longest leg of the TC, and the longest dirt race in America. These horses have never ran 1 1/2 miles before, and never will again.

['New York, New York' is preformed and the horses warm up and load into the gate.]

"The last horse in-and they're off for the 2001 running of the Belmont Stakes! And it's the speedster Serina straight to the front. Womanizer also well broke, in second, with Mr. Sandman on the pace in third. Back 2 to SSF Near the Ridge, (ARS) All the Glory, Archangel, Bejeweled, Too Good To Geld. The rest far back. Just One More Secret trailing the field 15 lengths off the leader."

"The first quarter is hot with 22.2! Serina really setting a strong pace for such a long race, not expected to keep this up. Womanizer is attempting to be rated but putting up a fight. Mr. Sandman lies cool in third on the rail. The half in 46!"

"Archangel falls back, letting Bejeweled through to pressure the boys. At the back of the pack BF Bull Market, the Derby winner, is stirring. Can he make his move in time?"

"Mr. Sandman continues to lope along in third, eating into the speed horses' lead. As Womanizer drops off the pace, Mr. Sandman is asked for some run. He's neck and neck with Serina! The mile in 136!"

"(ARS) All the Glory is starting to pick off horses along the outside! BF Bull Market is also storming around 4 wide around the turn! They're approaching the stretch..."

"And Mr. Sandman has conquered Serina! He's steadily pulling away, now holding the lead by two lengths. Bejeweled gamely trying to catch him. The two closers are hitting they're best stride as (ARS) All the Glory takes control of the rail and chases Mr. Sandman's tail. BF Bull Market is taking two strides to every one of Mr. Sandman's. Can he hold them?"

"A furlong to go! And down the stretch they THUNDER! Mr. Sandman dead tired at this huge distance, its been a long race for him. BF Bull Market is drawing close...a length.. a neck...(ARS) All the Glory struggling to be there...and he does it! BF Bull Market catches Mr.P's son by a nose to take the third leg of the triple crown!"

"There's a photo for second, it looks like (ARS) All the Glory might have had the slightest edge on Mr. Sandman also. We'll wait the official results."

And they are:

1-BF Bull Market $109,000/75
2-(ARS) All the Glory $62,200/55
3-Mr. Sandman $30,100/35
4-Bejeweled $14,000/25
5-SSF Near the Ridge
9-Too Good To Geld
10-Just One More Secret
11-(ARS) Dark Wonder
12-GOW Captain Steve
13-(ARS) Dragula
14-BF Tough Love
15-(ARS) Hiddin Glory

Acorn Results:

1-Southern Array $87,000/75
2-Blair Witch $42,500/55
3-Lady Torch $19,500/35
4-BF Troublemaker $8,000/25
5-French Tipsy
6-(ARS) Sheza Devil's Secret
7-Night's Eternal Flame
8-Sparks Will Fly
9-(ARS) SSF Street Cat
10-SSF Kayla's A Gem
11-Drama Girl

Congratulations. It's been a wonderful, colorful, and eventful Triple Crown. No winner this year, nay- but there's always next year for that :) To collect purses, email me your total for a check.

(c)Cindy Anderson, Wish Horse, 2001