The amount of points each horse earned overall is displayed to the right of his name the first time it is displayed. Additional points were added: For Grand Champion, 20 points, for Reserve, 15 points. Points can be found here.
Division #1-5 Dressage Prospect Suitability - 3, 4, and 5 year olds A) Dressage Suitability 1st_Molson Canadian -50 2nd_Mahabah's Play -15 3rd_Spotlight's On Me -20 4th_Irish Dance -20 5th_Daring Colors -40 6th_Clearly Canadian -20 7th_Darth Ware -20 B) Dressage Suitability 1st_Clearly Canadian 2nd_Irish Dance 3rd_Daring Colors 4th_Molson Canadian 5th_Darth Ware 6th_Spotlight's On Me C) Dressage Suitability 1st_Darth Ware 2nd_Daring Colors 3rd_Spotlight's On Me 4th_Molson Canadian 5th_Irish Dance 6th_Clearly Canadian GRAND CHAMPION Molson Canadian RESERVE CHAMPION Daring Colors Division #6 Training Level A) Training Level 1st_Genuine Classic -60 2nd_GV Tiffany Bey -15 3rd_Sunkissed Spirit -10 C) Training Level 1st_Lady Of Arabian Nights -35 2nd_Genuine Classic 3rd_Ravven's Jafar -10 C) Training Level Freestyle 1st_Genuine Classic 2nd_Calypso Day -15 3rd_Khara Mia Mine -10 GRAND CHAMPION Genuine Classic RESERVE CHAMPION Lady Of Arabian Nights Division #7 First Level A) First Level 1st_Katie's Natural Star -90 2nd_Image Of The Sun(EASC) -60 3rd_Want Somone to Love -30 4th_Vacherie -65 B) First Level 1st_Blue Indigo -20 2nd_Vacherie 3rd_Image Of The Sun(EASC) 4th_Katie's Natural Star C) First Level 1st_Vacherie 2nd_Want Somone to Love 3rd_Image Of The Sun(EASC) 4th_Katie's Natural Star D) First Level Freestyle 1st_Katie's Natural Star 2nd_Vacherie 3rd_Image Of The Sun(EASC) 4th_Want Somone to Love GRAND CHAMPION Katie's Natural Star RESERVE CHAMPION Image Of The Sun (EASC) Division #8 Second Level A) Second Level 1st_Fairy Queen(EASC) -90 2nd_Alcalooa -40 3rd_Frisky Filly -70 4th_EAA's Thunder Gulch -55 5th_Dark Angel -30 B) Second Level 1st_EAA's Thunder Gulch 2nd_Fairy Queen(EASC) 3rd_Alcalooa 4th_Dark Angel 5th_Frisky Filly C) Second Level 1st_Dark Angel 2nd_Frisky Filly 3rd_EAA's Thunder Gulch 4th_Alcalooa D) Second Level Freestyle 1st_Frisky Filly 2nd_Fairy Queen(EASC) 3rd_Alcalooa 4th_Dark Angel 5th_EAA's Thunder Gulch GRAND CHAMPION Fairy Queen (EASC) RESERVE CHAMPION Frisky Filly Division #9 Third Level A) Third Level 1st_Simply Elegant -80 2nd_Your Honor -70 3rd_Salagadoola -50 4th_Snickerdoodle -35 B) Third Level 1st_Your Honor 2nd_Simply Elegant 3rd_Snickerdoodle 4th_Salagadoola C) Third Level 1st_Simply Elegant 2nd_Salagadoola 3rd_Your Honor 4th_Snickerdoodle D) Third Level Freestyle 1st_Salagadoola 2nd_Snickerdoodle 3rd_Your Honor 4th_Simply Elegant GRAND CHAMPION Simply Elegant RESERVE CHAMPION Your Honor Division #10 Forth Level A) Forth Level 1st_Goddes of Love -70 2nd_Gypsy's Joker -55 3rd_Layoletta -70 4th_Snowball's Revenge -70 5th_Shangri-La -55 B) Forth Level 1st_Snowball's Revenge 2nd_Goddes of Love 3rd_Layoletta 4th_Shangri-La 5th_Gypsy's Joker C) Forth Level 1st_Shangri-La 2nd_Snowball's Revenge 3rd_Goddes of Love 4th_Gypsy's Joker 5th_Layoletta D) Forth Level Freestyle 1st_Layoletta 2nd_Shangri-La 3rd_Snowball's Revenge 4th_Goddes of Love 5th_Gypsy's Joker GRAND CHAMPION ***wow! a three-way tie!*** Layoletta, Snowball's Revenge, and Goddess of Love RESERVE CHAMPION Shangri-La and Gypsy's Joker Division #11 Prix St. Georges A) Prix St. Georges 1st_Maxamillion -65 2nd_Jade -35 3rd_CN Elute -25 4th_Cookie Monster -55 5th_Veneziano -30 B) Prix St. Georges 1st_Cookie Monster 2nd_Veneziano 3rd_Top Quality(EASC) 4th_Maxamillion 5th_CN Elute 6th_Jade C) Prix St. Georges 1st_Maxamillion 2nd_CN Elute 3rd_Top Quality(EASC) 4th_Cookie Monster 5th_Jade 6th_Veneziano D) Prix St. Georges Freestyle 1st_Jade 2nd_Veneziano 3rd_Cookie Monster 4th_Top Quality(EASC) 5th_Maxamillion 6th_CN Elute GRAND CHAMPION Maxamillion RESERVE CHAMPION Cookie Monster Division #12 and 13 Intermediare I / II A) Intermediare I / II 1st_Excalibur KWPN -75 2nd_Verbena -110 3rd_Cincent -55 4th_Delihlia Sunshine -45 B) Intermediare I / II 1st_Verbena 2nd_Excalibur KWPN 3rd_Delihlia Sunshine 4th_Cincent C) Intermediare I / II 1st_Delihlia Sunshine 2nd_Excalibur KWPN 3rd_Verbena 4th_Cincent D) Intermediare I / II Freestyle 1st_Verbena 2nd_Cincent 3rd_Delihlia Sunshine 4th_Excalibur KWPN GRAND CHAMPION Excalibur KWPN RESERVE CHAMPION Verbena Division #14 Grand Prix A) Grand Prix 1st_*Kaija -90 2nd_Top Rank -65 3rd_Crescendo -45 4th_World Conquest -35 B) Grand Prix 1st_Crescendo 2nd_*Kaija 3rd_Top Rank 4th_World Conquest C) Grand Prix 1st_Top Rank 2nd_*Kaija 3rd_World Conquest 4th_Crescendo D) Grand Prix Freestyle 1st_*Kaija 2nd_World Conquest 3rd_Crescendo 4th_Top Rank GRAND CHAMPION *Kaija RESERVE CHAMPION Top Rank Division #15 Pas De Deux -For two horses of close levels A) Pas De Deux 1st_EAA's Thunder Gulch/Fairy Queen(EASC) 2nd_Verbena/Cincent 3rd_Cookie Monster/Snowball's Revenge B) Pas De Deux 1st_Gypsy's Joker/Katie's Natural Star 2nd_Verbena/Cincent 3rd_Vacherie/Frisky Filly
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