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Canada Raceday 1

The Alberta Maiden was split into the Alberta and Baffin. The Edmonton Allowence and the Nunavut Allowence were cancelled.

1-Alberta Maiden
Fillies in the gate for the first race on the card. Flame Of Desire out on the rail and Crowd Preacher and Think Both Ways back 2 lengths matching strides. Patchen Beauty sits cool on the rail 5 lengths back. And they're around the turn...down the stretch they come! Patchen Beauty makes her move. Think Both Way s pulls away but Patchen Beauty will not give an inch! And she wins in by an impressive 4 lengths. Think Both ways comes across next, photo for 3rd and 4th.
1-Patchen Beauty/$10,000
2-Think Both Ways/$6,000
3-Crowd Preacher/$2,000
4-Flame Of Desire/$1,000

2-Victoria Maiden
Two nice looking fillies being loaded for the second race. This match race is ready to go. Both are in. And they're off. Jamie's Love leads wire to wire and wins by 5 lengths pulling away. Flight Of Witch very late to close, but making a game effort under a hand ride.
1-Jamie's Love/$8,000
2-Flight Of The Witch/$3,000

3-Baffin Maiden
I know these stories get old...but ppl ask for them! Supergirl out cleanly and makes a nice start. Around the turn they come 4th Tornado rated off of Stardust's Glory. Into the stretch, Supergirl is challenged by Stardust's Glory. 4th Tornado gaining with every stride but runs out of ground. Stardust's Glory and Supergirl have a photo for second...and Supergirl wins it by the barest nose!
2-Stardust's Glory/$3,500
3-4th Tornado/$2,500

5-Yellowknife Allowence
Two lovely fillies in the gate. Lady Vampire offering some resistance...she's settled. And this match race is off! Lady Vampire out of the gate badly. Silver Moon takes the easy lead and holds it by 10 lengths for 6 furlongs. They're in to the last come Lady Vampire! She's ralliying...but she's out of ground after a troubled trip!
1-Silver Moon/$9,000
2-Lady Vampire/$3,000

7-The Canada Plate (gr.I)
7 Beautiful fillies ready to go into the gate for the first of four racs in the Canada Racing Series for fillies. And they're in. And they're off! Light My Fire straight to the front. Dream Perfection close behind, followed by BF Don't Pass Me By and Dreaming Of Distruction. Practical Magic is back in 5th and True Nirvana and Bumblebee are far back as they approach the stetch. BF Don't Pass Me By being slowed! He's out of the race. Light My Fire has the lead, but True Nirvana comes 3 wide and challenges to the wire, where she takes it in a photo.
1-True Nirvana/$60,000 OBT:Amy J:Shelly Owens
2-Light My Fire/$25,000 OBT:Aia J:Shori
3-Bumblebee/$15,000 OBTJ: Charlotte
4-Dream Perfection/$7,000 O:Anna B TJ:Jill Thomas
5-Dreaming of Destruction
6-Practical Magic
7-BF Don't Pass Me By Lost a shoe in race.

8-Yukon Stakes (gr.II)
In this three year old fillies stakes there are four good quality mares at post time. Rumors And Gossip is in, now Ever After...and they're off! SSF French Lavender straight to the front. And they are tightly bunched coming around the first turn. Flying Slendour is making her run now on the outside...Ever After saves ground on the rail. SSF French Lavender starting to fade....Rumors And Gossip giving her all! But it's not enough today, and Ever After wins it by a comfortable length.
1-Ever After/$26,000 OBTJ: Serena
2-Rumors And Gossip/$11,000OBT: Bettina J:James
3-SSF French Lavender/$8,000OT: Deanna B:SSF J:Dean Butler
4-Flying Splendour/$2,000 OBT: Serena J:Venessa

9-Halifax Stakes(gr.I)
This field attracting two well-known older mares, Night Beat and Swift Cloud. Into the gate. The longshot Tommorrow's Secret stumbles leaving the gate and never makes it to contention. Meanwhile Night Beat maintains a lead of two lengths. In the stretch, Swift Cloud gamely tries to catch her but in the end this mare leads wire to wire and wins by a neck.
1-Ch. Night Beat/$20,000 OBT: Deanna J:Dean Butler
2-Swift Cloud/$10,000 OBTJ:Serena
3-Tomorrow's Secret/$2,000 OBT: Serena J:Vanessa

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