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The Americana Racing Series


The Americana Racing Series is a racing series for two year old colts. It will span over four months for four races, each raceday spread out a month apart to accomindate for the colt's growing bones. The Americana Racing Series has four races. The colts do not have to run in any certain number of the races, just the ones that are so chosen. The races will consist of:

Each race will have an undercard of an additional few races on it. These will include purses (allowences) and lower graded stakes races. Colts in the Americana Series may not be entered in any other races on these racecards.

The Americana Racing Series will have a sister racing series, The Canada Racing Series, for two year old fillies. It's four races will be held on the same days as the Americana Series. Owners are limited to having one colt and one filly in each. The fields are limited to 10 races each.

There will be a bonus for any colt that wins any two of the races or places in any three of the races. Please email me with any questions you might have at, or AIM lorilotte.

The scedule for the races are as follows- (pending)