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4th of July Raceday Results

*this is not real. It is for the SIM game Wish Horse*

The 4th of July Raceday had an awesome turnout. All races had entries, and the two grade ones on the card were filled to the brim with top stakes runners. Thanks to everyone who was a great day of WH racing!

Race 1-Maiden Special Weight
2 year old Thoroughbred colts
5 1/2 furlongs on dirt
1st-Tribulation winning $7,100/10
2nd-Perfect Cat winning $3,500/6
3rd-BF Legalized winning $1,800/3
4th-Satan winning $1,000/1
6th-Blue Elemental Blast
8th-Up 'Til Midnight
10th-OS Callin' The Shots
13th-I Got Class
14th-Ebon Askavi
15th-BF Daydream Believer

Race 2-Maiden Special Weight
2 year old Thoroughbred fillies
5 1/2 furlongs on dirt
1st-OS FarGone winning $6,900/10
2nd-Ebon Rih winning $3,400/6
3rd-High Risk winning $1,500/3
4th-Lady Advocet winning $800/1
5th-Take Flight
6th-Sun and Sand
7th-Flame Chaser
8th-Escape the Heat
9th-BF Royal Splendour
12th-BF Repeat Performance

Race 3-Maiden Special Weight
2 year old Thoroughbred colts
6 furlongs on turf
1st-BF Blue Bandana winning $4,900/10
2nd-Apples and Oranges winning $2,300/6
3rd-King Of Egypt winning $1,100/3
4th-Peanut Butter winning $600
5th-Knowledge of Tomorrow
6th-Devil's Light
8th-BF Danzig

Race 4-Maiden Special Weight
2 year old Thoroughbred fillies
6 furlongs on turf
1st-Hello Kitty winning $4,200/10
2nd-(ARS) Solar Sketch winning $2,100/6
3rd-BF Unbridled Classic winning $1,000/3
4th-Christmas Glow winning $500/1
5th-BF I'm Tricky Too

Race 5-Maiden
3 year old + Thoroughbreds
6 furlongs on dirt
1st-High Voltage winning $4,200/10
2nd-Heartless(KOR) winning $2,100/6 [This equine is for sale. Contact for more information.]
3rd-In Pursuit of Honor winning $1,000/3
4th-In Awe winning $500/1
5th-SSF Cherokee Outlaw

Race 6-Allowence
2 year old Thoroughbred colts
7 furlongs on dirt
1st-SSF Metro Goldwyn Mayor winning $20,000/15
2nd-War Cry winning $12,000/9
3rd-Slewpy Ray Vaughn(KOR) winning $7,000/5
4th-BF Elegantly Wasted winning $3,500/2
5th-Fall Of Rome
6th-GV Llywelyn Bren
8th-Private Eye
9th-Celebrate Gold
10th-BF No Hurry
11th-Secret City

Race 7-Allowence
2 year old Thoroughbred fillies
7 furlongs on dirt
1st-Jewel Princess winning $10,000/15
2nd-Ruby Slippers winning $5,000/9
3rd-Waited winning$2,500/5

Race 8- Hour Glass Stakes GII
2 year old Thoroughbred fillies
8 furlongs on dirt
1st-Snow White $27,000/40
2nd-Farah $14,000/24
3rd-SSF Veronica Lake $7,000/14
4th-Desperate Action $3,500/8
5th-BF Northern Lights
6th-Blazing Swords
8th-Spy Lady
9th-Race to Finish
10th-French Flaire

Race 9- River Keen Stakes GII
2 year old Thoroughbred colts
8 furlongs on dirt
1st-Master of the Night winning $33,000/40
2nd-Red White and Blue winning $17,000/24
3rd-Alaskaan Charm winning $9,000/14
4th-Titan Master winning $4,500/8
5th-Oblique Streak
6th-BF Silver Trick
7th-GV True Blue
8th-Thoughful Tricks
9th-BF What To Do
11th-Ancient Secret

Race 10- Poor Duck Stakes GII
3 year old Thoroughbred fillies
8 1/2 furlongs on dirt
1st-All Excited winning $39,000/40
2nd-Think Both Ways winning $20,000/24
3rd-Enchantments winning $10,000/14
4th-Iamagoddess winning $5,000/8
5th-Sparks Will Fly
6th-SSF Thunder Serenade
7th-Dreaming of Destruction
8th-French Tipsy
9th-BF Troublemaker
10th-Divine Bliss
12th-BF Not So Perfect

Race 11- Independence Stakes GI
3 year old Thoroughbreds
9 furlongs on dirt
1st-Serina winning $60,000/50
2nd-BF Pass The Torch winning $30,000/30
3rd-Womanizer winning $15,000/18
4th-SSF Near The Ridge winning $7,500/10
5th-Blood Soaked and Honor Bound
6th-Honor and Glory
8th-Southern Array
9th-SSF Kayla's A Gem
10th-SSF Crypto Star
11th-Walkin' Tall
13th-BF Tough Love
15th-Blair Witch
16th-SOS Darth Bane

Race 12- War Admiral Handicap GI
4 year old + Thoroughbreds
9 1/2 furlongs on dirt
1st-Celebrating Glory winning $60,000/50
2nd-Issue of Gold winning $30,000/30
3rd-Midas Can't Be Me winning $15,000/18
4th-Cheerio Charmer winning $7,500/10
5th-SSF Storm of Angels
6th-SSF Chubby
7th-Time Away Star
8th-Forever Slew
9th-BF Ruffian
10th-SSF All Approved
11th-(ARS) Silver Charm
12th-Midnight Cleo
13th-SSF Absolut Zero
14th-SSF Cosmic Wing
15th-Wasted Time
16th-SSF Cherokee Dazzler

To collect purses, please email Cindy with your total.

(c) Cindy Anderson, 2001