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Foreword: During 1975 while living in San Antonio, Texas, and working at Southwest Research Institute, the author started encountering sporadic physical surveillance in the workplace and on business trips. In February 1976, the next year, a CIA officer contacted the author and asked for help on a matter concerning a foreign national. Simultaneous with the CIA officer's initial visit to the author's home, systematic surveillance on all of the author's family members was initiated. As of this update, surveillance has not stopped, although the current level of effort is below that encountered in the earlier years. In early 1978 when it was apparent that the illegal government surveillance was not going to stop, the author started sending letters of complaint to officials of our government. (See other examples listed in my home page.) One such letter was to the Director of the FBI, some of whose employees and friends were participants in the surveillance operation. The letter below, which was dated November 28, 1987, was sent to Mr. William S. Sessions, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As will be noted in Section C below, this registered letter, and a followup registered letter, were ignored by Mr. Sessions. This lack of responsiveness on the part of an official of our government proved again that coverup of this case of illegal surveillance would continue.

William Albert Hewgley
February 21,2001

A. Reprinted Letter to Director of the FBI

November 28, 1987


Mr. William S. Sessions, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C. 20535


William A. Hewgley
1512 Shady Lane
Kingston, Tennessee 37763

Dear Mr. Sessions:

As the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you are no doubt concerned about injustices and violations of Federal law that fall within the jurisdiction of your charter. We know of such occurrences and would like to describe them to you briefly in the hope that you will initiate an investigation of our allegations.

Our family was placed under CIA and FBI surveillance in 1976, after I was asked by CIA Officer William J. Kuehn of Austin, Texas, to assist them by introducing them to a foreign engineer whom they wished to recruit as a spy. For more details, see Enclosure 1 (letter from me to Representative Edward J. Boland dated November 26, 1984) and Enclosure 2 (photograph of the foreigner the CIA recruited,, along with notes).

Electronic and physical surveillance measures have been used extensively on our family, not only in the neighborhoods where we have lived, but at the churches we have attended, in the schools where my sons have attended, at my work places, and everywhere we have gone. The surveillance has continued since February 1976 and is in progress now.

Needless to say, the results of the CIA and FBI surveillance on us over these 11 years have been devastating. We have experienced symptoms ranging from extreme anger to depression, and have felt a sense of frustration and hopelessness at all times. My career has been badly damaged and my sons have been unable to move into job pursuits because of damages they have received from the surveillance operation. My health and my wife's health have deteriorated. In short, we are a badly damaged family and are wondering whether we will survive this ordeal.

We have attempted to end the surveillance through submittals of tens of complaints--starting with letters to Admiral Stansfield Turner of the CIA and President Jimmy Carter--both in 1978--and continuing with recent efforts with Messrs. Milt Ahlerich and Floyd I. Clarke of FBI Headquarters (see Enclosures 3 and 4). The recipients of our letters have swept this matter under the rug, either by ignoring our letters entirely, or where replies were made, pretending that sufficient evidence does not exist. But we have fully documented evidence in our file here and when we offer it to these people, they do not wish to pursue the matter further. In other words, we are trying to report on crimes that have been committed, but government officials will not allow us the opportunity to give them the evidence. Obviously, this matter is political and officials are reluctant to undertake an investigation that might jeopardize their jobs.

As noted in Enclosure 5, the Department of Energy has recently initiated a special reinvestigation of me in connection with the updating of my Q clearance. Such security investigations are made either by the Office of Personnel Management(OPM) or the FBI, depending on the circumstances. Wouldn't this be a good opportunity for the FBI to enter this surveillance case, considering the fact that some of the people who will be interviewed in the clearance matter are aware of this surveillance operation, and in some cases, have participated in the surveillance operation? Also, we wish to supply you with the names of other surveillance people, so that you can interview them in conjunction with the clearance re-investigation.

Will you help us end this outrageous government surveillance? We have amassed very conclusive evidence here on the surveillance operation, including the names, addresses and affiliations of those who have participated, what actions have taken place, when the actions took place, etc. We wish to make this file available to the FBI so that they can conduct an investigation and turn over the evidence to the Justice Department. Each of us is available for interrogation, and will fully cooperate with your investigation.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter, and look forward to working with your people.

Very truly yours,
William A. Hewgley (Signed)


1. Letter from William A. Hewgley to Rep. Edward P. Boland, dated November 26, 1984
2. Photograph of Foreigner Recruited by the CIA
3. Letter from William A. Hewgley to Mr. Milt Ahlerich, FBI Headquarters, dated August 1, 1987
4. Letter from William A. Hewgley to Mr. Floyd I. Clarke, FBI Headquarters, dated August 29, 1987
5. Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. Memorandum from Mr. J.O. Nations to Mr. F.S. Patton. dated September 25, 1987

B. Letter Mailing Verification

1. Letter was mailed at the U.S.P.O. in Kingston, Tennessee, on November 28, 1987, under Registered Number R347 420 227, dated November 28, 1987. A Return Receipt (PS Form 3811, February 1986) was submitted with the letter.

2. The Return Receipt subsequently received by the author(sender) had been properly signed and was dated December 1, 1987.

C.Reply from the Federal Bureau of Investigation

No reply to this letter to Director Sessions was ever received by the author. Through the use of FOIA/Privacy Act requests, the author discovered that the subject letter could not be found in the FBI's record system. This disturbing finding prompted the author on October 17, 1988, to resubmit the subject letter and associated enclosures to Mr. William S. Sessions. In the forwarding cover letter to this new submittal, I called Mr. Sessions' attention to the fact that my original letter could not be located at FBI Headquarters, so this resubmittal was needed. This second submittal to Sessions was sent under Registered Number R309 856 557 with attached Return Receipt. Later, the properly signed and dated Return Receipt was received by the author.

Again, there was no response to this latest letter to Director Sessions. By their lack of responsiveness to my two submittals, the FBI continued the government's long practice of covering up this case of illegal surveillance.

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