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Susie and Jim

August 2001: Susie climbs a 3-high, double top pyramid at Beaver lake in Arkansas.

June 2001: We decided to add an Arbor and fountain to our yard.
The fountain represents our two grandchildren, Christian and Kelsey.

"Susie's Garden Prayer."
In the quiet of my garden, as I sit outside today,
The flowers bloom their praise to God. It seems a time to pray.
I'm thankful, Lord, for fragrance, and I thank you for my sight.
I thank you, God, for sun and rain, for daytime and for night.
Lord, thank you for providing work, and thank you when it's done.
Thank you for the quiet times, and thank you when I run.
I hear a bird above me, and in my mind I see,
A robin or a cardinal, whose purpose seems to be...
To fill the earth with praises. It's music to my heart.
If gratitude can count as prayer,
then, God, I'll do my part.

After 11years of faithful service to family and ski club, We traded the
89 Mastercraft(454cu in. -purchased from Prof. Water Ski tour in Wichita) for a
98MasterCraft which had been owned by Professional Skier, Scott Ellis.
The new boat has a 502 cu in.PFI, Indmar engine.

Jim and Susie's home,and neighborhood taken from a plane.

Jim and Susie's back yard and deck We did lots of work the summer of 2000..

Jim and Susie's Back yard, hedgetrees, and flowers in Susie's landscape area looking from West to SE. We got the stone from a quarry and hand placed it all. Susie has planted flowers the length of the fence...

...She wants the back yard to look like a Thomas Kincade painting.

Susie and Jim went skiing on New Year's Day, Y2K. Susie is on top of the pirimid with friends Rod B. and William T. Jim is driving the boat.

(above) I am following Susie home from work at 11:00PM. (above-right & right) Our home during the snow on 12/15/99. The snow created beautiful trees. Many lost limbs. We were lucky.

Our family was saddened Tuesday, 10/26/99 by the loss of our beloved cat, Tasha. We had her since Lori was in the 4th grade. She was a lap cat. We were blessed by her presence all these years. As Tasha was dying, Lori started weeping. Tasha got up, crawled out from under the bed and went to Lori and laid down beside her, trying to comfort Lori. If there is a place in heaven for pets, We are sure she is there. For a poem that niece, Danielle wrote, click Kittylove!

Our family got three new kittys on 11/19/99. They are Baghera, Misty and Coffee. We hope they will be good lap cats. Below are Susie and our Burman, Mr. Qui.