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Hi! Welcome to my place on the web. If you don't know that symbol above, it is the sign for Pi. And if you remember your math, you will know that Pi is a mathmatical figure for 3.1415926...
I am a math teacher so Pi Man JC is my computer name.

Piman's Place- 2nd Home of PimanJC

I am adding extra pictures and family fun to my site. To see more Jim and Susie family fun pictures,
click on PimanJC's HomePage!

We also have a beautiful daughter, Lori, who along with her husband Brian have given us our first
grandson,year ONE!
grandson,year TWO!

Our daughter Lori wrote a tribute to her Great Aunt Boo Brewer. To see the tribute, and pictures of Boo's family,
click on Aunt Boo's place!

We are members of the Wichita Water Ski Club. To see skiing pictures and/or Club information,
click on WWSC 2000!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please visit my other page in the links page. Please come back and visit again!
This page is a work in progress. Please excuse my mess. Many improvements to come.

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