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Hi! Welcome to my CUZ page on the web. .

Piman's Place- 2nd Home of PimanJC

I am adding extra pictures of this family fun to my site. To see more Jim and Susie family fun pictures,
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Aunt Elizabeth's Family: These are Postcard pictures sent to me of my Aunt Elizabeth's children and grandchildren.

June 2001: Jimmy, Erin, & Aunt Elizabeth (Betty) , Jim, Dorene & WC.
We were here for Niece Sara's wedding.

To see Shannon family fun pictures,
click on Shannon Family Pics!

New Paltz - October 13, 2001 The Shannons visit Mary at the Old Stone Houses with Grandma Brewer, the Lees, Kurdzioleks and cousins Carolyn and Art French from California.

To see Shannon & Brewer family trip to New Paltz, and get-to-gather pictures,
click on Shannon Family Trips and reunions!

Aunt Ava & Uncle Ken's Family: These are Ava and Ken's children and grandchildren from Colorado.

Steve and Debbie's girls do a lot of work in 4-H..

June 15-20, 2001: After cousin Sara's wedding the family partied every night
at Jim and Susie's house.
On Monday afternoon Breezy and Kiera skiied.

Boo and Ray:

A page dedicated to Aunt Boo and just one piece of herritage she has handed down:
click on Aunt Boo's page!

Pictures of my Aunt Boo's children and grandchildren.

To see Debbie's grandkids': Chalea's kids, and family,
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To see Chalea's kids, and family on the new webpage,
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To seeCousin Ron's family webpage,
click on Ron's Family Pics!