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Susie and I are proud grandparents of Christian James and Kelsey Love.
Lori and Brian are happy and excited parents.
( 9/10/99 and 5/7/01)

We are thrilled and are looking forward to spoiling two wonderful Grandchildren
this second year of GRANDPARENTHOOD!

Kelsey is 8 months old on New Year's Day, 2002.
Proud Grandfather Jim is Grandfather Time and Kelsey is Baby New Year, 2002..

Christian and Kelsey on Halloween 2001 with Daddy Brian.

Christian at Grandpa's school for Home and Family Class. Kelsey trying to crawl at 5 months with Daddy Brian. Kelsey and Christian are entertaining
Mom and Dad, Grammy and Grandpa ( October 2001)

Kelsey is 6 weeks old at Sara's wedding.
Proud GreatGrandmother Doby is holding her.

June 3, 2001 we took part in the groundbreaking ceremonies
for Westlink Christian Church's new building.
Christian handles that Craftsman shovel and tractor like a pro!
Grammy Susie loves holding Kelsey ( 3 1/2 weeks). Christian snuggled in while Grandpa
Jim was holding Kelsey who is wearing a blue dress worn as a baby by her mother, Lori.
Brian (a GREAT daddy!) is enjoying both kids outside on a nice day.

Kelsey is 3 days old. Proud daddy Brian is holding her. Christian is very loving towards her (so far!)

Lori and Brian dedicated Kelsey Love, to the Lord Sunday 5/13/2001. Brian's parents, Lori's parents , and
Great Grandparents were present, along with Pastor Carlson and many friends. Brian and Lori affirmed that they
will raise Kelsey in the Lord. As Grandparents, we are proud, pleased and feel very blessed.
Thanks to a friend for filming the Video(from which these pictures were taken)of this important occasion.

Christian News
Christian turned 17 months on the tenth of February 2001. He is tall enough
that he can easily grab things off the tables and counters. His favorite passion is turning on the
TV and VCR, picking up the phone, and dialing the operator. He loves to open cabinets
and drawers that he is not supposed to get into. He loves to be chased and
can climb furniture with ease. He will often run with something he is not supposed to have.
He will go to the refrigerator door when he wants a drink. His favorite word is "dada".
He also can say "cat cat" and "dog dog" and will point out these animals in a book.
He loves to "read."

Dec.26th, 2000 we went to the Train Station Science Center, in Kansas City, Mo.

Christmas eve and Christmas Day, 2000. Christian got "A bear as big as you are."

What a difference a year makes! CJ's Halloween costumes in '99 and 2000.

Christian James with his cousins at his first birthday party. Dad Brian helps him learn to ride his bike.

Christian James in the Red Flyer wagon given him by the Allen cousins, and reconditioned by Grandpa Jim.
CJ walks around on Grandpa & Grandma's deck. At age12 1/4 months he is walking all over the place.

Brian's mother watches . Christian eating birthday cake. Cousins ride the tractor.