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Thank you Aunt Boo.

Thank you Aunt Boo.
Years ago, shortly after Uncle Ray died, Aunt Boo taught me how to sew a Cathedral Quilt by hand.
I put off sewing it for years.
I have since started sewing it again to make a present for Christian when he is older.
Lori .

Hi Lori,
Your quilt is looking wonderful! I never would have tried something that elaborate as a first quilt. You're braver than I was.
You were surely blessed by having those lessons from Aunt Boo.
Being an avid (obsessive) quilter myself, I've always admired her work.
When my girls were little, I had a couple of her quilts hanging on their bedroom walls,
and we'd say "goodnight" to the figures on it every evening before going to bed. They are treasures.
Happy Stitching,
Aunt Cindy

What a prized posession the quilt will be for Christian!
Aunt Betty