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This is view of the Respess Mammoth Site on September 1, 1999.

I had been hunting in ditches across the road to the north. This is the site of Fiene Local Fauna, which is abundantly blessed with Pleistocene rodent, snake, frog and fish remains.

After an afternoon of collecting in the Fiene l.f. I decided to check the "washout". I know my mouth fell open when I entered the "washout" and saw the rib bone lying at the bottom. It had almost completely eroded out and hardly required any excavation on my part.

Fig. 1 demonstrates hardly any matrix removal was required. Fig. 2 the bone is completely exposed and ready to be picked up.

Figure 1. September 1, 1999.

View of the rib while digging.

Figure 2. September 1, 1999. Rib bone ready to be picked up.

Figure 3. September 1, 1999.
The rib has been removed and is on the tailgate of my pickup. The geological hammer is included for scale, however, the bone is 23 inches long.

Figure 4. June 2, 2001.

The site looking towards the northwest.

Figure 5. June 2, 2001.

Close-up of the partial rib. This bone is seven feet deeper than the Mammoth remains across the road at the Roush Mammoth Site.

Figure 6. June 12, 2001.

First piece of rib to be removed, with scale.

Figure 7. June 12, 2001.

Just another view of Fig. 6, slightly different perspective.

Figure 8. June 13, 2001.

This is the site before beginning to dig today.

Figure 9. June 13, 2001.

Close up of the rib before beginning to dig today.

Figure 10. June 13, 2001.

About the same as Fig. 9. I told you I took lots of pictures.

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