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Wow, last updated 8-31-02. Where in the hell to start updating? Does anybody even look at this thing anymore?? hehe...I doubt it.
Man, I gotta learn my html again. Not the thing to do at 11 pm at night!

Hmmm...well, incase anybody doesn't know, I'm in love! So in love. His name is Elijah. When I'm a tad more awake & feel like uploading things, I'll put some pictures up. We need to take some more. His bday is Friday, so maybe we shall do that.
I'm rambling...
Anyway, I'll update this thing more soon. Maybe actually make it a somewhat cool page. :)

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A TON of thanks goes to Dylan. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Thanks also to Jasin Colegrove for the Kylie's Page pic.
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