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Other Interesting Aircraft

The Anderson Greenwood AG-14 (also known as AND-51)

The Cessna AW (and derivatives AA, AC, AF, & AS)

Jim Bede's BD-6 (also known as BD-VI)

Leeon Davis' light aircraft series overview (including DA-1, DA-2A, DA-3, DA-5, DA-6, DA-7/TXAIR TX-1, DA-8, DA-9, DA-11, & DA-11-2)

Hobart Sorrell's SNS-4 (including SNS-1, SNS-2 Guppy, & SNS-3 Biggy Rat) (note: this article predates the SNS-7 Hiperbipe and SNS-8 and 9 Hiperlights)

The Waco AristoCraft (also known as Model W)

The Consolidated/Stinson Skycoach(also known as Model 106)

The Trella T-106 (See also Aerofiles)

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