New Years 2003!!!!!!!!!

Wasted People left and right.

Hey Guys, is this where the party's at???

Ma-ma-ma my Corona!

There is no chance of me puking

It's New What??

Picture? Ya I guess

The drinking game gets the best of some people

So as you can see, when the camera flashes....

Kung Fu grip

Aren't we cute??

Sudz Budz

So.... You guys like.... stuff?

Angela, best attention span I know

These ones make me cry happy tears

The definite focal point of this pic, Oldman

Insert comment here

My actual girlfriend, don't tell, I mean....

Ange faking an orgasm at the Blackjack table

Another boozehound

I need Amanda Hugandkiss

I hope Monica likes my indoor toque as much as I do

Friends forever!!! Well at least till 2004, right guys???

No-Neck and Curly Sue

Hey you! Ya you! Wfrhehhkaaaalllmm... (drunk tone of voice)

As If!!

The Seal of approval


Why do we have the same lips???

Amanda, a.k.a. Captain Giddy, nice hat Ange, you tool

Just when u thought Rob was cool, Lou discovers her index finger

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

Heads Up (Jordan would be the only one to laugh at that)

Forgive me for all my close-ups

We said this is the "No Seals" Club

This means we're tongue friends forever

"I can't believed she puked everywhere!! In my hat, on Megan's stomach..."

K guys, I'll count to 30, you go hide!

"Hey Guys, you didnt pick a very hard spot"


For most, midnight was the beginning of a new year. For Jer it was the beginning of a new life as Satan.

"K guys that was too easy, hide again"

This is my sneaky look

He's either kissing me or trying to break my neck

"This is the best New Years party EVER!!!"

Jake: "Screw it, she wants me, Im goin in for the kill"

Hey Guys, is this where the party's at???

K lets both put out our fakest smiles

K Im NOT happy with this!!!!!!!!!!

I changed my mind

Old Skool Southies

"Oh my God, I just forgot where I was!!"

Great, now she has a taste for flesh

I feel violated

New Years 2003 was brought to you by Lakeport beer, "Lakeport, the beer you say you like cause you dont wanna admit youre cheap."

A picture says a thousand words

Shit, 9pm already???

Megan just got hit by the camera

I was at this party and then this 40 year old homeless hick showed up. Just kidding Fannin, youre more fun than a barrel o' monkeys

Jordan is majoring in child care

She was snoring so I told her to put a sock in it

Im not derrrunk, yyou cant prooooven nuthin you stupid guy, you want yer money? Well I dont have it. You make me wanna reflummmpm...........