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Freddy’s Nightmares was a television series spawned from the hit Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. The Freddy’s Nightmares series premiered on October 9, 1988; and starred none other than the man himself, Robert Englund.

The pilot episode was entitled “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and was directed by another big name in horror, Tobe Hooper. It all begins as Freddy goes on the trial of his life. But the arresting officer, whose beautify twin daughters live in terror of Freddy, forgot to real the accused his rights. Before you can say “you have the right to remain silent,” Freddy’s free... and everybody’s screaming. And bent on terminating Freddy permanently. But as fright fans know, Freddy’s going to have the last laugh-if not on this side of the grave.

The Springwood neighbors think their problems are over-until Freddy returns in their dreams.

After that. Freddy’s Nightmares ran for two seasons, and with a total of 44 episodes, was cancelled on February 9, 1990. Ever since its cancellation, there have been absolutely NO reruns of this wonderful series on television. And Kissed by A Nightmare is starting an internet/mail campaign to write to the Sci-Fi Channel to get them to please show the reruns of Freddy’s Nightmares.

So we would like for you to join in and please email and write letters to the sci-fi channel and beg them to show it. And as my friend Paul writes:

Dear Sci-Fi Channel,

I, along with many other Freddy fans encourage you to pick up the broadcast rights to the entire Freddy's Nightmares series in order for en entirely new generation of freaks to enjoy this fine series.

Previous horror series (Like Friday The 13th: The Series, and Tales From The Crypt) have done very well in re-runs on The Sci-Fi Channel, and we believe this show, along with the well known image of Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund) can bring nothing but improved ratings for your channel.

Respectfully yours,

Paul Smith

That's all you need to do! If we can get enough letters out to them they just might show it! So please join us in the campaign to bring back Freddy and his television series “Freddy’s Nightmares.”

I only have two episodes on tape but they have about six at Amazon.Com that you can purchase. But that's a far cry from all 44!! And that's what we need the sci-fi channel for!! So we need to get them to show it!!

Email SciFi:


  Write to them via snail mail:

Sci-Fi channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York,NY 10020

Thanks to S-10 for the addresses!!

I would also like to thank the Freddy fans that first posted the ideas for this page on my message board, and this page is also dedicated to them:

The Lobber
fred 2007

P.S. If any of you guys listed above wants to send me your email address feel free because you didn’t list it on my board. ;)

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