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Welcome to the Community Center. This section is mainly concerned about YOU, the fans! Interact with people around the world, ask questions, and even win prizes. If you have a site in development & need help, check out the forums for that and more. Or if you just want to chat, check out the different chat rooms. This area is for you so relax and hang out. Make yourself free and comfortable. The Fans are what we make this site for so make yourself at home.

June 30, 2001
The new forums are finally up! Go check them out now! =P

March 18, 2001
Okay, I gave the Sonic R for PC prize another chance. I hopefully mad an easier contest than last time. So go check out the contest page for a chance to win Sonic R! ^_^

March 11, 2001
Unfortunately the Sonic R contest has been postponed. Only one person sent in an art picture and it's already close to the deadline of the contest. I will be sure to think of another contest that includes Sonic R for PC as a prize. Sorry.

February 19, 2001
NEW Contest! For all the artists out there, you could be eligible to win a Sonic R for PC prize! Be sure tp check out the contest page for more details! =P

Febuary 14, 2001
2 New updates for the community section. First, I have taken down the Live Voice Chat page. Why? Sadly the service is no longer available, but I'm still trying to fix up even nicer ones in the future, but it's a real pain! And, I made brand new layouts for the Awards page plus 4 more awards for the site. That's right, TFI won 4 great awards from the Master Emerald Awards. Check'em out!

January 1, 2001
Alright, the Lyrics Section is finally up with new and improved lyrics! Not just Sonic Adventure anymore, but a whole variety. This section is also maintained by the TFI staff member Deraca! Check it out now! ^_^

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I don't even know why this section is up... I mean, no one likes getting prizes, right? LOL, if you believe that you're crazy ^_^ Everyone loves getting things for basically nothing. So here you can win action figures, comics, CDs and other goodies. Good luck in winning!