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Sonic R
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If you have any codes we don't have here, be sure to E-mail me at Knuckles Echidna with: The Game & System title & your real name (or nickname).

Bonus Characters
Collect all 5 Sonic Tokens in a race and finish in the top three and you will then face off against the hidden character for that track.

  • Resort Island - Mecha Sonic
  • Radical City - Mecha Tails
  • Regal Ruin - Egg Robo
  • Reactive Factory - Mecha Knuckles

    Bonus Course
    Get 1st place in the first four courses and the Radiant Emerald course will become playable.

    Clean Pause
    While playing, pause the game and press X + Y + Z at the same time.

    Duplicate Characters
    Player 2 can play as the same character as player 1. The first player picks a character then the second player high lights the same character. Hold X + Y + Z. This also works for Super Sonic and all hidden characters.

    Head Start
    To get a head start in a race, hold DOWN and keep pressing B as fast as you can. When the race starts, let go of the D-pad.

    Hidden Song
    If you play the Radiant Emerald (secret) level as Super Sonic it will play a different song then the one it normally plays.

    Manipulate the Level Icons
    When selecting a course, press L and R to grow and shrink the level icon.

    Manipulate the Title Screen
    To have a little fun with the title screen, wait a moment, then fiddle with the D-pad. the "R" will rotate to your will. If you press the B button, the color of the R will change to a metallic outlook. Pressing the A Button restores the R to its former color. Pressing Y and X will darken or lighten the R.

    Mecha Sonic Tip
    An easier way to beat Mecha Sonic after collecting the 5 tokens is to first capture Mecha Tails who is easier to get than the Sonic and then use Mecha Tails against Mecha Sonic, cutting across the water to get a lead. Always make sure you run through the ruins or the open 20 ring door.

    Play as Dr. Robotnik
    Get first place in the Radiant Emerald course and Dr. Robotnik becomes playable.

    Play as Super Sonic
    To become Super Sonic, simply find all Chaos Emeralds. Here's how to find them:

    1. Emerald: Island course
    (behind the door which opens with 50 rings)

    2. Emerald: City course
    (behind a door which opens with 20 rings, bottom of the course after falling down the hole in the street short after the tunnel)

    3. Emerald: City course
    (behind the door which opens with 50 rings)

    4. Emerald: Ruins course
    (behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location left side of the course on some arcades right after the start)

    5. Emerald: Ruins course
    (behind the door which opens with 20 rings, location is right in front of you after racing up the ramp)

    6. Emerald: Factory course
    (behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location is just after the looping the emerald will jump out of the machine in front of you)

    7. Emerald: Factory course
    (behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location short after the looping left of the ramp where a excelerator is located. The emerald will pop out of the submarine which waits for you right ahead)

    Purple Emerald
    This trick requires that you use Sonic. In Radical City, keep to the main course. Do NOT go into the pinball area. You will pass a 50 ring door. Run past it. When you get to the 90 degree right turn, turn left. Double jump up onto the platform. Run forward until you reach the emerald, then turn around and continue the race. Be sure to finish in first!

    Ring Station
    After the accelerator in Reactive Factory continue to go straight forward. When you come to split in the road take the left road. If you continue up this road you will end up passing by a sign on the side of the road that says RING. Stop at that sign, and if you wait rings will come to you, giving you up to 999 rings.

    Shortcut Through Radical City
    As the Radial City level begins, turn left into the water and continue following the waterway to the end of the level.

    Note: Make sure that you go around the 20-ring door!

    Shortcut Through Reactive Factory
    There ia a hidden shortcut on Reactive Factory. To get it, when you get to the gap that is shortly before the loop, as you spring, hold Right to skip a part of the track.

    Skip Ending Credits
    To skip the end credits, hold A+B+C and press START.

    Zoom In
    On the main screen, the character screen and most screens, push the L button to zoom in and the R button to zoom out.