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Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic CD
Sonic R

If you have any codes we don't have here, be sure to E-mail me at Knuckles Echidna with: The Game & System title & your real name (or nickname).

Bonus Course
If you place first on each course a bonus track will be revealed.

Instant Demo
To get to the demo faster, press Action and Accelerate at the same time. You can also skip the SEGA and Traveller's Tales screens this way.

Play as Dr. Robotnik
To play as Dr. Robotnik, get first place in the bonus course (Radiant Emerald.)

Play as Super Sonic
To get Super Sonic just colect the seven chaos emeralds.

Play as the Same Character
For everyone to be the same person in Multi-Player Mode, hold down the Change View button and press Action. This will work for all four players.

Play with the R
At the Title Screen, press the directional controls to rotate the R in that direction. Press the Change View button to change its color.

Radial City Shortcut
After you exit the tunnel before the big slope, take the low road. Going along that road you will see a road block. Go up to the road block and jump before you hit it. Soon you will see another blockade. Repeat as described above. This route will take you to the big wall that looks like a slot machine. Repeat this process for all three laps.

Skip Credits
To skip the Credits, hold down the Action, Accelerate, and Change View buttons and press Start.

Steal Purple Emerald
This trick requires that you use Sonic. In Radical City, keep to the main course. Do NOT go into the pinball area. You will pass a 50 ring door. Run past it. When you get to the 90 degree right turn, turn left. Double jump up onto the platform. Run forward until you reach the emerald, then turn around and continue the race. Be sure to finish in first!

Zoom the Track Picture
To check out the track's picture closer up or farther away, press Up and Down to zoom in and out at the Course Select Screen.