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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic Triple Trouble
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Spinball
Sonic Blast
Sonic Drift 2
Tails Adventure
Sonic Labyrinth

If you have any codes we don't have here, be sure to E-mail me at Knuckles Echidna with: The Game & System title & your real name (or nickname).

Extra Life (Any Level)
At the end of any level, if you have less than 50 rings and therefore cannot get to the bonus level, run through the turnstile and then stop and jump straight into the air. If the turnstile is off the screen when is stops spinning, when you come down it should show a picture of Sonic and therefore give you an extra life.

Extra Life (Level 1)
To get an extra life at the beginning of the game, walk (donít run) down the first ramp. And after you have walked over the edge of the ramp find the second tree. Go to it and jump. An extra life power-up will fall!

Level Select
When you see tails running press Start+Button 1 and 2. Also rotate the directional pad. When you hear the coin sound press start.