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Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Shuffle

If you have any codes we don't have here, be sure to E-mail me at Knuckles Echidna with: The Game & System title & your real name (or nickname).

A Clone of Knuckles
Play through the game (with all the characters) until you get Super Sonic. In Super Sonics Adventure, go to the crashed island. There you see Knuckles and Eggman (Robotnik). After the clip, press A+B+X+Y+Start. Then choose Knuckles. Go to the same place, and there are two Knuckles! This works with other characters, too, but it's not as funny.

Aztec Forest Shortcut
To get to the Frog and the Emerald as Tails in one step do as fallows. After riding the trolly to the Aztec Forest you should be standing up high on a platform overlooking the forest. If you stand on the edge and look down and to the left you will see two trees sticking out of the canopy that are close together. Fly toward the trees and land next to the one that is closest to the ledge you jumped from. You should be standing on top of the canopy. Walk around the first tree until you fall through the canopy and end up right by the emerald and the frog.

Beat the first chaos
First go to trial option and pick sonic as your character, go to boss mode and when the mode is picked it will start at chaos 0. Use your light speed attack on him it makes a really cool effect. NOTE--you have to have the light speed dash first.

Black Chao
First you have to be the robot. To get a black chao go into the egg catcher and go to the bridge. On the bridge you see three doors. Go in the one with the prison. Open the middle cell by jumping on the peg and take the egg back to the bridge. On the bridge go behind the chair Robotnik sits on, behind it is a door with 6 buttons in front of it, stomp on them in an order that spells E-G-G-M-A-N and the door will open. While still holding the egg, step into the teleporter in the room, then you'll be in the egg catcher chao garden, now just hatch the egg.

Change View in Twinkle Park Race
To change the view in Twinkle Park Race, press UP to toggle between inside, outside, and far out view. This also works when playing the first bumper car portion of the level.

Chao to English Dictionary
When you are at the gardens little expressions will appear above the chaos head here is a list of what it means.
HEART- its happy with you and you're a good parent.

SWIRL- its angry or upset with you feed it coconuts.

QUESTION MARK- your chao is indecisive, it doesnt know what it wants to do next.

EXCLAMATION- suprised chao, wait to see if it is good or bad.

XX ACROSS THE EYES- very unhappy or angry, feed coconuts.

-- ACROSS EYES- very happy chao

HALFED-CLOSED EYES- tired chao feed it or play with it

WAVING ARMS- your chao wants love. pick it up

FLINGING ARMS- temper tantrum

Clean Pause
To remove the pause menu, press X and Y together at the pause menu. This is good if you want to take screenshots.

Drive with Anyone in Twinkle Circuit.
After completing the game with all six characters, you will be able to race in Twinkle Circuit with anyone. Just select the character you want, then go to station square. Once your there, go over to the little patch of grass and weeds by speed highway entrance, and pick up the ticket. (It will be rotating, and easy to spot.) Then go into the Twinkle Park building, and instead of entering Twinkle Park, enter Twinkle Circuit. You will hear a special noise that tells you that the secret is unlocked. Now just repeat the process for all the characters.

Best racers:

  1. Knuckles
  2. Sonic
  3. Tails
  4. E-102
  5. Big
  6. Amy

Easy Emblems as Knuckles
If you are having trouble getting the 1 minute emlems as Knuckles, here is a trick that will make it much easier. Find the first emerald shard, but don't touch it! Instead, pause the game and restart the level. Now run to it as fast as you can. Since the shards act as save-points, find the next one and repeat. Do this until you have all three.

Free Rings
As Tails, go to any place with grass and look for a dark green weed. Wack it with your tail. If you are lucky, a ring or extra life will appear. While playing with Knuckles and have the Silver knuckle gloves, goto a place where you can dig and in most places (especially places with plants) you can uncover up to 20 rings.

Golden Chao Baby
There are two open shops in the part of Station Square with the open manhole. The golden chao's egg is in one of them. Unfortunately every time you lift the egg from its pressure sensitive platform, the doors are barred shut. Go to the city hall area where you fought Chaos 0 and look near the walls and grass. An egg-shaped rock is here, and you can put it on the platform in the store. You may now leave freely with the golden chao egg.

Little Sonic Chao
If you give a chao about 20 of the pink animals (rabbits, kangaroos, deer) it will start to look like everyone's favorite hedge hog.

Metallic Chao Baby
To get the one-of-a-kind metallic chao baby, go to the waterfall near the subway and look to the right of it. You will see a sort of platform. Go to it and push it. A metallic egg will fall down the waterfall and into the pond. When it reaches the land pick t up and bring it to the nearest Chao sanctuary. Throw it and it will hatch.

One-and-a-Half Play
When you are playing Sonic's action stages and Tails is on the screen, a second player can control Tails with a second controller. Any rings Tails collects will be added to Sonic's totals. Be careful to not make Tails break open any shields, invincibilities or One Up item boxes as those will not be added to Sonic and will be wasted.

This feature may seem trivial to most people, but you'd be surprised how much fun it can be trying to outrun player one (who's playing Sonic) when you're controlling Tails. ;)

PC Wallpaper
If you insert your Sonic Adventure game disc into a PC CDROM drive, you will have access to a directory called "extras". Inside you'll find a number of Sonic Adventure desktop wallpapers you can decorate your PC's desktop with.

Secret Chao Puzzle Game
After you start up the Sonic Adventure game, place a controller into the D port on your Dreamcast and have a VMS in the controller. A hidden Chao Puzzle game will appear on the VMS screen. It is a tile based puzzle game where you have to use the Dreamcast's controller to move the pieces of a moving picture around to win. After every five puzzles you solve, a little animation will play on the VMS screen.

Sonic Tokens
You can get 5 Sonic Tokens from Chao Race. Just raise a chao then go to the Chao Race chose the first choice and then the place where your chao is. Then chose a crystal and win each one then a 5th one will appear and chose it. If you have trouble finding levels you have beat and want the tokens go to the main options at the chose the second option. You can go to any level you have beaten with out running around for it. This is good if you need to collect more tokens and it tells you which ones you have gotten and where. There are Tokens hidden around the world which shouldn't be to hard to find. I have 114 tokens and missing 6 with Sonic.

Sonic's Snowboard Select
Just before entering the snowboarding part of the ice stage, press X to get Sonic's blue snowboard (previously seen in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble). Press B to get Sonic's yellow board (only seen in Sonic Adventure.)

Sonic's Special Super Speed Shoes
In the Station Square, head towards where you first faught Chaos (0.) Instead of going in the park, go to the hole in the ground. Fall in, then follow the path. You will find a rainbow colored area, step in.To get out, speed until Sonic says "Ready?" and keep holding down the speed button. press the button with the star on it and let go of the speed button.

Upgrade Locations

  1. light speed shoes- go to station square after defeating egg hornet and go to the area previously blocked off by police go down manhole and jump up to the ledge that says "exit" to get the light speed shoes

  2. crystal ring- after getting the light speed shoes go into the hotel and up the stairs and do the spin till he sais "ready?" and then walk on the button that opens the door to the elevator and the one that does the rings (this one may take some practice)

  3. sacred light- after you beat "ice cap" continue down the cave till you come to the end and go down the hill till you get to the end it is on the flat rock


  1. jet anklets- at the twinkle park entrance there is a stream coming in from the ocean follow it into the sewer fly up the hole in the celing enter the room to the left and they will be on the bench

  2. rhythm badge- when you get to the echidna city go to the wall to the left of where you start and search up and down the wall


  1. shovel gloves- go to the hill where you fought the egg hornet go up the stairs to tailses house walk around it untill you see the emblemon the ledge under the ledge there is a cave go in it and to the left there will be a branch the wall will close behind you get the gloves dig by the shiny flying thing and bring the object to the monkey and put it down to get back out

  2. battle gloves- in the aztec forest (present) fly from off the ledge to the right and climb the wall till you get to the other ledge by big's house and on that ledge the gloves await


  1. warriors feather- beat eggmans high score in "hedgehog hammer"

  2. long hammer- beat your high score in "hedghog hammer"


  1. jet booster- when robotnick tells you to go to the ammunition room in egg hornet

  2. lazer gun- after the egg hornet transforms, go to the sewage room


  1. power rod- go to big's house lift up bed hop in

  2. lures- they are all obvious except for the one in the cage room amy was held in

  3. Lures- all of these lures are easily found, axcept for the one in the room where they held amy hostage in the egg carrier.

Launch Sonic:
Go to the beach at Station Square where you usually see the boat take off to the EC. Get onto that platform and charge up the Light Speed Dash. Then release when "ready" and you can even see the background to the Train Station, which is Casinopolis. Also, you can go to Casinopolis and step on the switch a few times. Then release the Light Speed Dash and sometimes, you miss the rings and you can see the background-it is all water!
Submitted by: Crispin (

Living Statue!?:
With Big, talk to the girl that walks around the part of SS where Chaos 0 was fought. She says "Don't think of throwing it in the water". Well, I found out why! Pick up the burger statue and take him to the beach. Drop him in the water as far the game lets you, and he will float to the hill and bounce up and down!
Submitted by: Crispin ( Defeating Eggman:
On the giant hill where you fight the Egg Hornet, you will not yet have the Ancient Light upgrade. When Eggman charges at you, go behind him and press A simultaneously. It is much safer than the 3 hit combo.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Sonic:
Go to the pool room in the Egg Carrier and charge up the Light Speed Attack. Stand on the chair closest to the ledge in the middle. Now jump as high as you can and release the button. Now cut across to the ledge that has the emblem and repeat with the ring cylinders on the other side. This can be repeated as many times as wished.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Big:
Fish around in a pool or a body of water. Sometimes, you get lucky and get a life or two.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Gamma:
Like Sonic, just go to the pool room and try to target the cylinders above. Once that is done, exit and return inside. The cylinders can be used again unlike in the Action Stages.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Amy:
Simply find a patch of grass and press X + rotate the analog. (Revolving Hammer Attack) Rings with usually come out.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Knuckles: Get the Silver Digging gloves and look around for a patch of grass. Press A + X to dig. Sometimes, rings come out.
Submitted by: Crispin (

Free Rings with Tails:
Whack a weed with your tail by pressing X or B. Usually, rings come out and you can even get the emblem hidden in the grass near City Hall.
Submitted by: Crispin (