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Akina Lee

RylStar Little Spring Flower ("Akina", or "Akina Lee") is my youngest Weimie, and the most mellow (at least so far - she hasn't hit 'puberty' yet...). (Update: Oh no! She's starting to lose her brain and get the zoomies!) She was born on June 9, 2002. She is such a doll, and everyone that meets her comments on how sweet she is - and how calm. She is a wonderful little girl! *Akina has completed a course of basic obedience classes (and did quite well, the instructor was impressed!) and will be starting her advanced obedience classes THIS WEEKEND!!*

These pictures are from when she was 8 weeks old...I call them "Learning Her Place" :)

The next pictures, she was 9 weeks old.

And she was 10 weeks old in these.

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