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From an Mp3 to a wav.

First download the free version of Goldwave Audio Editor
(Goldwave version 4.25 Freebie-
at bottom of that page)

Determine where your mp3 files are stored. Mine are in "My Music" folder.

    Open Goldwave and choose 'Batch conversion' under file.
You can choose one or many songs to convert.

    Click on "Add files"

    Find your mp3 songs (files). Choose one or more songs to convert.

    In "File type"-Choose Wave(*.wav)
In "Destination settings" choose where you want your completed .wav to be placed. Mine goes directly to my Media folder.

    In "Attributes" choose whether you want to use Stereo or Mono MPEG Layer-3.  I use a lot of Mono as it sounds good and is smaller in file size when done.
Using 11,025 Hz seems to work best for chat room wav.s   I like the setting of MPEG Layer-3 20kBit/s 11,025 Hz, Mono for most of my tunes.

    This is what you will see as it is converting. When done click ok and check out your file in your Media folder. That is where I sample and rename also.

    The song "You Got A Friend In Me"  went from a 2.85 Meg -Mp3 file to a 303 Kb- wav file. Nice and small full version songs for use in chat rooms and to store on computer.