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Howdy friends, and welcome to Old Dodge Photo Parlor, located in historic old down town Dodge City, Kansas. We specialize in 1880s style photography.

Many folks over the years have made their trip to Dodge City much more memorable by having their photos taken in the style and dress of the old west by visiting Old Dodge Photo Parlor. It is now possible to have your photo taken by Troy on the same street once walked by famous lawmen such as Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp and Bill Tighlman. At the Old Dodge Photo Parlor, your picture is taken by an antiquated camera and developed using chemicals that give you the old fashioned patima found on 1880s type photos. We use no digital technology here. It just wouldn't be right!

We specialize in

Saloon Girls


Prairie Women


So why don't you plan on stopping by and seeing us while you are reliving the Old West in Dodge City, Kansas by having your portrait made by the Old West Experts; The Old Dodge Photo Parlor. "We'll be a lookin' for ya."

Troy's Photography

214 1/2 West Wyatt Earp

Dodge City

(620) 225-2929

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