Colorado Waltz

By Allen D. Bailey

©1997 Hedgepost Music BMI


In the half light of a canyon, among the golden aspens, a settler pines his lonely life away; In a dusty little cabin, he rocks and fondly listens to the music that his old Victrola plays.

Now, the record's worn and scratchy from playing all these years, and he has long forgotten of fighting back the tears; in his mind he holds her gently as he did though the years, softly dancing to the Colorado Waltz.

He first saw her in Dorango one early mountain morning as she strolled there with her sister down the lane, and he knew right then he loved her, that there would be no other, and that his life would soon forever change.

Sometimes he gets his banjo from off the mantle there, in his mind his younger fingers flow through her auburn hair. And he knows that soon they'll lay him in the valley with her there, but 'till then, he plays that Colorado Waltz.