Feeding Cattle On Christmas Day

By Allen D. Bailey

©1998 Hedgepost Music BMI


The sun's going down on the prairie,

Christmas Eve shadows fall on the snow,

A chickadee sings from the sage near the spring

it's last song as day starts to close;

'Neath the glow in the West shines the evening star,

And it seems to say,

"Go and rest while you can, you'll be back here again,

Feeding Cattle On Christmas Day."


Now Lord, I'm not really complaining,

I'm thankful for all that You've done,

I've got plenty to eat, I've got boots on my feet,

a wonderful wife and a son;

And just like my daddy before me,

I've chosen the cattleman's way,

Lord help me that I, keep these blessings in mind,

While Feeding Cattle On Christmas Day.


Now the sun's coming up on the prairie,

Busting ice at the windmill at dawn,

Pitching silage and hay on this holy day,

While my family's back home safe and warm;

But like my family, this herd depends on me,

and I'll be here if I have my say,

Though I fuss, still I smile, for my heart's reconciled

to Feeding Cattle On Christmas Day.