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Welcome to Live recording CDR Trading



Sorry we all have to have them.

1. Discs should be recorded with DISC AT ONCE settings. If you don't
know what this is, please E-mail me. It doesn't mean I'm not
interested in a trade, I may still want to trade for the right quality
of show. The music is the most important aspect.

2. I prefer not to send the CD's in jewel cases, it saves on shipping.
I don't use jewel cases anymore, my collection is getting too large so please don't send them to me.

IMPORTANT I don't trade for audience recordings nowadays, only soundboard, FM, TV, or from digital sources

3. When you send discs, please use CD sleeves, or wrap them well.
but please don't use tissue, it gets all over the discs.

4. Artwork is not a must for the trade--if you have it, great. If not,
just let me know. I will send artwork via E-mail if I have it.

5. PLEASE send setlists with venue, and date, if no artwork is available.

6. Communication is a must.  Send an e-mail when you send the CD's; and
when you receive the CD's that I copied.

7. It's nothing personnel whatsover, but if we have not traded before
please send your discs first, I will send immedialtely your discs arrive here in the UK
Although the vast majority of people who trade are very fair and a pleaure to know
there are some people who prefer one way trades ! RIP OFF trades !! Again, nothing personnel
If I contact you I'm quite happy to follow your guidelines.


I'm always looking for soundboard quality shows
of any of the artists which are already on my page
I have a many tastes of music so please email your requests and maybe we can put a trade together.

Thanks for coming, be sure to email me at