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Seal Unplugged 1 CD *A++


Simply Red Live In Europe 1991 1 cd A+

Simply Red, Old Trafford, Manchester 29/06/1996 2 cd *A++

Simply Red Lyceum London 1998 1 cd *A+

Simply Red Haydock Park UK 1999 1 CD *A++

Simply red, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK,February 27, 2003 FM 1cd A+

Simply Red, Sicily 2003 1 cd *A++

Carly Simon in New York Central 1995 1 cd *A++

Paul Simon 4/03/1992 2 cd *A++

Paul Simon 17/07/1999 2 cd *A++

Paul Simon 27/09/1999 2 cd *A++

SLADE Live in London New Victoria SOUNDBOARD 1 cd *A++

SLADE Reading 1980 1 cd *A-

REO Speedwagon Live St. Louis 2000 1 cd *A++

Spandau Ballet Islington 1983 2 cd *A/A+*

SPANDAU BALLET 1990 Birmingham 2CD *A+

Spandau Ballet London 2001 2 cd *A+

Sting Live Unplugged 1993 1 CD, *A++

Sting The universal theatre 2000 1 cd *A++

Sting The complete Chicago session 1 CD *A++

Sting Royal Albert Hall, London 2000 2 CD *A++

Sting Live in Central Park NYC 2000 2 CD *A++

Sting Live In Italy 11th September 2001 FULL SHOW 2 cd *A++

Sting, Mermaid Theatre, London 12/09/2003 1 cd *A++

Styx Live Through The Ages 1 cd

Styx Live Through The Years

Styx Caught in the Act Full demo version Live 2 cd SB *A++

Styx, Live at the house of blues 1999 2 cd *A+

Styx, Live in St. Louis USA 2000 1 CD *A++

Spice Girls Live in Istanbul 1998 1 cd *A+

Spice Girls Live Dec. 1999 Earls Court 1 cd *A++

Spice Girls Demos, Mixes and Live 1 cd *A++

Superstars In Concert London 1986/1992 3 cd *A++

Swing out Sister Live at the Jazz Cafe 1 cd *A++

Trisha Yearwood NY 1993 1 CD *a++

Trisha Yearwood Live by Request 2000 Radio Broadcast 2 cd *A++

TRISHA YEARWOOD 1995 Hamburg 1 CD *A+

Tina Turner Wembley Arena 1990 2 CD, *A++

Tina Turner Barcelona 1 cd *A++

Tina Turner Amsterdam 1997 2 cd *A++

Tina Turner London TV 1999 1 CD *A++

Thunder Newcastle UK 1990 1 CD, *A++

Thunder Donnington 1990 1 CD, *A++

Thunder Hammersmith London 1990 1 CD, *A++

Thunder Donnington 1992 1 CD, *A++

Thunder Live In STOCKHOLM 1993 1 CD *A++

Thunder Shepherds Bush London 1994 1 CD, *A++

Thunder, Shephers Bush 1999 1 cd A+

Welcome to the party, Japan, 2000 VOL ONE, 2 cd A+

Welcome to the party, Japan, 2000 VOL TWO, 2 cd A+

Texas - Barrowlands, Glasgow 21/12/89 1 cd *A+

Texas - St Andews University 14/4/1992 1 cd *A+

Texas - Tramway, Glasgow 9/4/94 1 cd *A+

Texas - King Tuts, Glasgow 1997 1 cd *A+

Texas Barrowlands, Glasgow 1999 1 cd *A++

Texas, Shepherds Bush, London 1997 1 cd *A++

Texas Live On Blonde 1997 1 cd *A++


Texas Live in Germany 1999 1 cd SB *A++

Texas Live in Paris 2000 1 cd *A++

Texas Studio Cuts 4 cd *A++

Texas Northumberland UK 2003 1 CD *A++

THIN LIZZY 'Boys are back in town' 1 cd *A++

Thin Lizzy, Reading festival UK 1983 1 cd *A++

T'Pau Live SECC Glasgow 29/10/1987 1 cd *A+

T'Pau Live in Nottingham Rock City 1988 1 cd *A/A+

T'Pau Live In Hammersmith London 1988 1 cd *A++


Tubes Live 1981 1 cd *A++

Triumph 1980's 2 cd *A+

Shania Twain Live Over America 1998 2 CD *A++

Shania Twain 1999 Dallas NEW SHOW 1 CD *A++

Shania Twain 1999 Dallas NEW SHOW VIDEO CD *A++

Shania Twain Live TV Collection 1 cd *A++

Shania Twain Live at the Abbey Studios London, Radio Show Live July 2003 1 cd *A++ (Digital radio !)

U2 Sarajevo 2 cd *A++

U2 Hottest ticket live 1 cd A

U2 Acoustic Live 1 CD A

U2 Live 1982

U2 Best of 1993 tour

U2 Outside broadcast

U2 Stop the traffic

U2 Live in Adelaide 1989 2 cd *A

U2 Back in Denver 7th November 1987 2 cd *A++

U2 Chicago 1987 1 cd A+

U2 Christmas in the Desert Tempe 19th December 1987 2 cd *A++

Rattle and Hum Audio cd Live Film 2 cd *A++

Rattle and Hum Live Video CD 2 CD *A++

U2 26th December 1989 Dublin 2 cd *A++

U2 27th December 1989 Dublin 2cd A*++

U2 30th December 1989 Dublin 2cd A*++

U2 New Years Eve Dublin 1989 2 cd *A++

U2 Stockholm 1992 2 cd A+

U2 Washington 1992 2 cd *A+

U2 RDS Showground 1993 Dublin 2 cd *A++

U2 11/27/93 Cricket Sports Ground - Sydney, Australia 2 CD *A++

U2 Live MEXICO Soundboard 2 CD *A++

U2 Amazing Grace, Edmonton Canada 15th June 1997 2 cd *A++

U2 Las Vegas Soundboard 1997 2 cd *A++

U2 02/11/98 Santiago Chile Estadio Nacional 2CD *A+

U2 Live South Africa 1998 2cd *A++

U2 Secret gig Paris Small Club 19/10/00 1 cd A


U2 A Sort Of Homecoming 1 cd *A++

U2 BBC Studios and various 2000 1 cd *A++ Expected

U2 Miami Opening Night Soundboard 2cd *A+/*A++ 2001

U2 Charleston March 2001 2 cd EX DAT !! *A+/A++

U2 Dallas 2001 2 cd A/A+

U2 Tacoma 2001 2 cd A/A+

U2 9th May Milwaukee 2001 2 cd EX DAT !! *A+

U2 Chicago ALD SBD 2001 2 cd *A+

U2 Live in Portland 15th April 2001 2 cd Unbelieveable DAT !! A++

U2 Live in Minniapolis May 2001 *A+

U2 27th May Montreal 2001 2 cd EX DAT !! *A+

U2 New Jersey June 2001 2 cd EX DAT !! *A+

U2 Manchester MEN Arena 1 cd DAT 2001 *A+

U2 Live at Slane, Dublin, Soundboard 1 cd *A++

U2 Live 10th October Worldwide NET 2 CD SOUNDBOARD*A+

U2 Live in Cleveland -BEST Soundboard- 2 cd *A++

U2 Boston June 2001 DVD Transfer 2 cd *A++

The Who Toronto 1982 1 cd *A++

The Who New York City 1996 2 cd *A++

The Who ‘Whorah’ Royal Albert Hall 2000 SBD 2CD *A++ w/Noel Gallagher, Eddie Vedder, Bryan Adams

Wynonna, Wy's World 1 cd *A++

Van Halen 'I Can't tell you' disc 1989 1 cd *A++

Van Halen Sydney Australia 1998 1 cd *A++

Van Halen Secret Gig Holland 1995 1 cd *A++

Various Artists Unplugged EXPECTED 1 CD *A++

Whitesnake Reading Festival UK 1980 1 cd *A++

Westlife, Wembley Arena March 2001 1 cd *A++


WHITESNAKE - Acoustic Tokyo 99*A++

Whitesnake Tokyo 1987 1 cd *A++

VARIOUS, Super Group , Elton John, Mark Knoffler, Eric Clapton, Knebworth UK 1990 1CD *A++

Women In Rock Concert LA October 2000 1 cd *A++

The ALL STAR Garage Band 1996 1cd *A++


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