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Maria McKee Live 1 cd A+

Madonna Live in Detroit 1985 1 cd *A++

Madonna 'That girl in Italy 1988' 2 cd *A++

Madonna European Shows Live Collection 1988/90 3 cd SET *A++

Madonna Live in Tokyo (from laser disc) 2 cd *A++

Madonna Girlie show Australia 2 cd *A++

Madonna Live in Dallas 2 cd *A++

Madonna Live in Nice 2 cd *A++

Madonna Live at Wembley London 2CD *A++

Madonna Live in Paris 1993 2 cd *A+

MADONNA Brixton London LIVE 11-28-00 1 cd (35mins edit)*A++

Madonna The re-mixes, demos 2 cd *A++

Madonna Live in Detroit 2001 2 cd SB *A++

Christine McVie, Country Club 1984 Reseda, CA With Mick Fleetwood 1cd FM 1CD *A+ expected

George Michael 31/05/1988 1 cd *A++

George Michael Unplugged BBC Studios 1 cd *A++

George Michael Live USA Acoustic 1 CD, *A++

Martina McBride Santa Ana 1994 1 cd *A++

Martina McBride Atalnta 2000 1 cd *A++

Martina McBride Pay per view Special 2 cd 2001 *A++/A+

Mel C mtv Live & Sugababes London Feb 2003 1cd *A++

Mike and The Mechanics Live in South Africa 1995 1 cd *A+

Mike and The Mechanics House of Blues LA 15/03/1995 1 CD *A+

Mike and The Mechanics VH1 Uncut 1999 1 cd *A+

Mike and The Mechanics 10/05/1999 London/Hannover Grands 1 cd *A+

Mike and the Mechanics 4 CD COLLECTION - Demos, B Sides, Live, Acoustic *A+/*A++

ALANNAH MYLES Piteå,Swe. 96.08.16 1 CD *A++


Richard Marx Live 1988 Hollywood 1 cd *A++

Richard Marx HAZARD LIVE 1992 1 cd *A+

Richard Marx Hard Rock Cafe Live, Tokyo 1995 Live Mini cd *A++

Richard Marx Live, Nine Live Six Left CD, *A++

Richard Marx Rarietes 2 cd *A++/A+

Roxy Music Live 1 CD *A+

Paul McCartney Unsurpassed Masters Red Rose Speedway Outtakes and Some Live In Newcastle 1cd *A+/*A

Paul McCartney London Town Demos 1 cd *A+

Paul McCartney and WINGS Glasgow dec17th 1979 2 cd *A++

Paul McCartney The Knebworth UK Concert 1 cd *A+

Paul McCartney, Unplugged 1 cd *A++

Paul McCartney LIVE Soundcheck tracks 1993 4 CD *A++

Paul McCartney Live in Charlotte USA 1993 1 CD *A++

Paul McCartney Live from the Cavern Liverpool 1999 1 cd *A++

Paul McCartney California 2002 EX DAT A+/A++ 2 cd

Paul McCartney Washington 24/04/2002 2 cd *A+

Paul McCartney Atlanta 13/05/2002 2 cd *A+

Paul McCartney Tampa 16/056/2002 2 cd *A+

Paul McCartney Liverpool 2003 1 cd *A++

Meatloaf L.A. 1977 1 CD *A+

Meatloaf Nassau Coliseum 1977 1 cd *A+

Meatloaf Fathers Place 1977 1 cd *A+

Meatloaf Cleveland 1978 Last Bat night tour gig. 1 cd *A+

Meatloaf Wembley Arena 1982 1 cd *A+

Meatloaf Bottom Line NY 1986 1 CD *A+

Mealoaf Compilation Live *A/B

Meatloaf Mannheim Germany 1987 2 cd *A+

MEAT LOAF 1987 London fm VERSION 1 cd *A+

MEAT LOAF 1987 London PRO version of above 1 CD *A++

Meat Loaf Cardiff 4/12/1993 2 cd *A+

Meatloaf Live Bats out of Hell 2 cd 1993 *A++

Meatloaf New York City 1993 1 CD *A++

MEL C Stockholm 2000 1 CD *A++

Alanis Morrisette Unplugged 1 cd *A++

Alanis Eyes Of a Child 1 CD *A++

Jimmy Nail Live In Nottingham March 2001 1 cd *A++

Nazareth Live 1970's ? 1 CD *A+

Nazareth Unplugged 2 cd *A++

Narareth 1984 1 cd A+/*A

Narareth 2001 1 cd *A+/*A

Stevie Nicks Storytellers Live 1 cd *A++

Stevie Nicks 31/12/1981 1 cd *A+

Stevie Nicks White Winged Dove Tour 1 cd *A++

Stevie Nicks Cloaks and Daggars Live 1 cd *A/A+

Stevie Nickespretty Mac Goes Metal 1 cd *A/A+

Stevie Nicks, Duets Collection 4 cd *A+/A++

Stevie Nicks USA LIVE SPACE 1 CD A++


Oasis Unplugged 1 cd *A++

POISON 07/16/2000 Tampa/Ice Palace 1 CD *A+

Poison live Donnington 1990 1 cd *A+

Poison Hammersmith 1993 1 cd *A++

Poison Glam Collection 1 and 2 2 cd *A++/A

Pretenders Live in Chicago 3rd November 1994 2 cd *A++

Pretenders, New York, November 5th 1995 Remastered Radio Broadcast 1cd A+ expected

Pretenders, The Boardwalk Sheffield 1 cd *A+

Queens Jubilee June 2002- VARIOUS world rock/pop artists Full Broadcast 4 cd *A++

Queen, Live at the Rainbow, London 1975 VIDEO CD 1 CD *A++

Queen Earls Court 1977 1 cd *A+

Queen Live 1979 Montreal 2 cd A+

Queen Don't Cry For Me Shows 1981 2 cd *A++

Queen live in Tokyo 1985 1 cd *A++

Queen Milton Keynes 1982 1 cd *A++

Queen, Champions Documentary 1986 2 VIDEO CD *A++

Queen, Greatest Hits VIDEO CD 2 CD *A++

Queen, Budapest 1986 1 CD* A++


Bonnie Raitt, Shepherds Bush, London 1998 1 cd *A++

LIONEL RICHIE 11/05/1998 Hamburg/Sporthalle 1 CD *A+

Rod Stewart Wembley 1986 1cd * *A++

Rod Stewart ON the road USA 1992/3 2 CD *A++

Rod Stewart Live in Hamburg 1991 1 cd *A++

Rod Stewart Live in LA 1993 2 CD *A++

Rod Stewart San Antonio Texas, November 1993 2 CD *A+

Rod Stewart Live Collection History 1973 - 1992 3 cd *A+/A++

Rod Stewart Storytellers 1998 1 cd *A++

Rod Stewart Live at the Whiskey L.A. 1998 1 cd *A++

Chris Rea London 1986 1 cd *A++

Rolling Stones Wembley Stadium Show 1990 2 cd *A++

Rolling Stones Superdome New Orleans 1994 2 cd *A++

Rolling Stones Argentina 16th February 1995 2 cd *A+

Rolling Stones Bremen 2 cd *A++

Rolling Stones, Toronto, rehearsal gig 2002 1 cd *A++

Rolling Stones, New York Jan 2003 2cd *A++

Cat Stevens KLET Radio live 1 cd *A++

Cat Stevens Tokyo 1974 1 cd *A++

Roxette Greatest Hits Live 1 CD Australia 1992 *A++

Roxette Live from London 1991 2 cd *A+

Roxette Live in Zurich 2 cd *A++

Roxette Live in Karlskaga 16/09/1991 2 cd A+

Roxette Live in South Africa 1 cd *A++

Roxette Unplugged 1 cd *A++

Roxette Simply Live Worldwide 1 cd *A++

Roxette Rare and Live And re-mixed 1 cd *A++

Roxette Demos 1 cd *A++

Roxette Oldenburg Live 1989 1 cd *A++

Roxette Greatest Hits Live 1 cd *A++

Roxette All the Hits LIVE 1 CD *A++

Roxette Dance Passion remix 1 cd *A++

Roxette Sweet As A Nut 1 CD *A++

Roxette Live in Stockholm 2001 1 cd *A++

Roxette Live in Barcelona 2001 1 cd *A**

David Lee Roth 1988 Live 2 CD A+

David Lee Roth 1 cd 1994 *A

Robbie Williams BBC STUDIO 1998 1 CD* A++

Robbie Williams TOTP 2 1 CD* A++

Robbie Williams Live in London September 3 rd 1 cd *A++

Robbie Williams Interview / Unplugged show 1997 1 CD* A++

Robbie Williams, Live in your Living Room London 1997 1 CD *A++

Robbie Williams Live Frankfurt March 2001 1 cd *A++

Robbie Williams Manchester Arena UK October 2000 1 cd AWESOME SHOW !! *A++

Robbie Williams Slane Castle Dublin 1999 2 cd *A++

Robbie Williams Live in Denmark 2001 1 cd SB *A++

Robbie Williams B Sides Collection 2 cd *a++

Robbie Williams, Royal Albert Hall 2001 Swing Concert 1 cd *A++

Robbie Williams Pinewood Film Studios For TV 2002 1 cd *A++

Robbie Williams, Live at Knebworth 3rd August 2003, Last Night, 2 cd *A++

Freddie Mercury Benefit Concert 3 CD *A++

Ronan Keating Live in Manchester 2000 plus mtv studio live 1 cd SB *A++

Ronan Keating Live Albert Hall 2000 1 cd *A++

REO Speedwagon Live In St Louis 1987 1 cd A+

REO Speedwagon Live St. Louis 2000 1 cd *A++


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